Star Wars Ghost Squad

Hunting a Fallen Padawan Pt 2

The evening began with the group still in the Ancient Siths Tomb as the group was arguing about what to do with the map Chiana decided to get greedy and try to take one of the Artifact and got a slight shock which forced her to drop the item in question, she wrote it off as part and partial with dealing with the force so she did not think about it.

The group then left the Tomb and made their way to Dromund Kaas, Using an ancient rout it took longer as they had to make multiple short jumps, the Jumps where not easy but they finally made it about two weeks later. During the trip Chiana started to have dreams and was introduced to her friendly rider that no one else but she knows exists. Once the group arrived at the planet they noticed that the planet was highly charged with electrical storms so they decided to land the ship as to not damage her and go on foot. They noticed that Kaas City was mostly destroyed and taken back by the Jungle in question. But since the group was there for a specific mission they ignored the city and moved on towards the Temple, but decided to make a detour to head to the Palace instead.

As the group got closer to the Palace they found the place unimpeded by Flora or Fauna, and the Palace itself seemed untouched by time. Chiana with help from her Imperial friend opened the door and the group explored the place for a time, making their way up to the Throne Room where they explored but not finding anything. At this point Chiana decided to sit on the Throne and declare herself Empress which caused Mirth among the group but nothing else happened. The group decided to head down to see what else they could find but Chiana decided to stay up top. As the group leaves the Throne room, Chiana again requesting help from her Imperial friend was able to find a hidden room and found two Ancient and unusual Holocrons and clothing, she took the Holocrons and decided to head and catch up to the group. At this point the group found themselves in a fight with Sith Abominations a fight that Chiana arrived late.

Once the fight was over Ivan noticed that Chiana was carrying two items and through the force he realized she was carrying two ancient holocrons but nothing else was done with them as Chiana did not want any other help. The group noticed that the door in front of them was ornate and beautifully wrought, Interested in what laid inside the group was able to get the door open and found themselves in a treasure room. The room In question held Ancient masks one of which Kiirto took, Paintings of the Imperial family two Physical Books and Three Tablets all written in Ancient Sith. The group debated on what to do with them but with some careful requests by Chiana the group took them then moved onto the Temple.

The group made their way up to the temple to find the temple in bad shape they also noticed a fairly large camp that probably would have held between fifteen and twenty people. The group also found some bodies and thanks to Sana they were able to determine that they were hit by lightning and fried. With that information in hand the group continued up to the temple they found more bodies along the way but this time they found the men laying with their robes open and runes empowered by the force on them in ritualistic fashion. The group continued into the place to find large statues of various individuals. In front of them they found a spiral staircase and staircases going up on either side. The group ignored the ones to each side and moved up.

As the group walked upwards they started hearing chanting getting louder as they got to the top to find themselves in front of a doorway and they saw a bunch of pews a dais twelve acolytes and a man in the center who Ivan figured was Corvus Corax, The Ritual having just ended Corvus moved forwards and struck the group with an AOE version of Force Lighting forcing the group to separate a bit. The rest of the Acolytes moved into the room making their way to the group. The fight ensued at this point, Chianas Imperial presence who Chiana figured out was Emperor Valcorian, was asked for help. Which he provided, but any other help she would need to merge with him to gain knowledge and power. Something she has yet to accept at this time.

The group noticed Corvus Corax was not taking as much damage as he should as he is surrounded by some sort of field and is pulling power from the room itself.

1The evening ended with most of the Acolytes dead but still fighting.

Hunting to Fallen Padawan

The evening began with the Jedi feeling a large Force Wave as Ragis tomb is destroyed.

The group heads back to pick up Drens glove then head off, during this trip While Ivan is Meditating he gets pulled out of his meditations, only to find his holocron glowing a ruddy red and his Masters Force Ghost speaking with a figure Robed in black.

The Minute Ivan looked over at the figures he sees the robed figure look over at him and what he sees a skeletal figure with red glowing eyes which gives you a malevolent smile that chills you to the bone as the temperature of the room drops about thirty degrees.
His master seems completely un-phased by the robed figure, your masters force ghost looks over at you a bit frayed at the edges.
His master spoke his voice a bit hollow right now, “You were not supposed to see that but I am glad that you did. That was well, It is not really important who that was, but he came to give me well us some dire warnings about my former Padawan, Corvus Corax, apparently he is trying to resurrect the long dead Sith Emperor for unknown reasons.

Information given
• He has found the location of the imperial planet of Dronund Kaas
• Wants to bring the Ancient SIth Lords that where put into stasis millennia ago
• Created a cult of Sith Worshipers
• Intent on brining the Ancient Sith Emperor back from the dead in spirit if not in Physical form
It is not known how he found the place or what he intends to do to bring it all back but it will not be good for the universe in general.It is not known how he found the place or what he plans to do to bring it all back but it will not be good for the universe in general.

Ivan also learned his holocron was dual Lightside/Darkside Holocron, and that it was created during the days of the Old Republic and was created by Darth Maar and Satiel Shan during the Zakuulian War.
After all this information the group try different means to find out where Dromund Kaas was but they struck out in most places.

Ivan did not get the information he did get information on the Sith Pureblood Race.
Chiana then went to Augur knowing he was the one that was able to help her with her Cloak which is from the Time of the Old republic but even he did not have that kind of information.

It was not until they went to speak with there Broker Contact who had some information for them. Though not a direct link.

• The Tomb of Darth Raban
• Tombs Guards where befuddled into not attacking the invaders somehow
• The Tombs guards include a mated pair of Terentatek, and two Massai Abominations
• Beyond that the Tomb has no other guardians An Ancient tomb was breached by an unknown force on the planet of Ord Mantell

If the group asks about what Terentatek they are they learn this
• Resembles the Rancor but with large spines jutting from its back and additional set of mandibles and an additional set of mandibles sprouting from its mouth
• Immune to mind effecting Force Powers
• Resistant to the Force
• Known as Jedi Killers
If the group asks about Massassi Abominations
• Powerful Force Users
• Powerful emanation of Fear

The group arrived at Ord Mantell, and made their was towards the tomb where they are attacked by its guardians Two Terentatek and a two Massassi Abominations, the fight is fierce but the group was able to kill the Terentatek and are able to knock out One of the Massassi and the other gave us to save both lives.

Inside the tomb you find it full of Artifacts untouched with dust, until you come into what can only be described as a map room, an ancient map room that shows the galaxy as it was during the days of the old republic, it shows each planet as it was back then, including the ancient space lanes… some of which don’t match anything on the charts today. It also shows the location of Dromund Kaas, along with most of the planets within what used to be the Sith Empire, a number of them no longer on any charts today.
I will need three Pilot checks to figure out how they compare to current Lanes to get there safely.

You are also able to get information on what Dromund Kaas was like back in the day, no one has any idea what it will be like today.

While looking at the map they did find Tython. as well.

Ragi Reborn

The Evening began right after the second fight with the Force Manifestations, Afterwards the group spent time Healing up before moving back up the mountain until they got to the top which looked like a scalpel or Laser literally cut a perfect L out of the mountain. The only other thing they notice is an entrance into a dark cave. The group eventually decides to enter and finds that there light sources aren’t as bright as they used to they also noticed there Chronos where not working. But the Group continued to follow Dren Down into the Mountain. The group did not know how long it took until they made their way into an Ampathearter with a Fire in the center and a figure at the top of the Bowl, as Dren got closer he was warned off and told to leave, when he did not the figure invaded his mind hoping to force him out that way. Dren was able to fight it off and eventually force it out of his mind forcing Soarin to come out and speak with him. A long story short Dren was able to get information out of Soarin. The information included

Information he gives you
• These are the keys that will unlock Ragis’ tomb
• The tomb will only open for the One that is to come and at the right time
• The Keys must be put in the proper order
• The Mandalorian that is meant to open will know when the time comes
• The Tomb is guarded by ancient Mandalorian warriors that will defend the Tomb, and you must defeat them to be able to continue into the tomb
• Once inside you will be met with One more test.. It does not describe what the test is.. just some sort of test
• It does not say where the tomb is

But I will give you a hint, Ragi was a direct Ancestor of yours, he was from your family so if anyone would know where his tomb is, you probably need to speak to your family member tasked with your family’s history.
The group then heads back down the mountain Unmolested this time until they are accosted by 8 Mandalorian Zealots who tried to stop the group, a fight ensued most of the Zealots where killed but 2 escaped. Dren took the leaders Armor which was made out of Beskar then the group went to speak with Drens mother who was also the family’s historian they also got to meet his family as well. His mother was able to give him this information.

• Ragi was buried on the moon of Kalandor
• It is Rumored that Ragi’s own spirit still haunts that place waiting for one that is to come
• Rumored that others over the years have tried to get inside but none ever returned
• An Honor guard of Clan guards protect the Tomb
• It is staid the last of his original followers ritually committed suicide and where instilled with some of Ragis immense power to Protect their masters tomb from all that try to enter.
After that the group went to the Moon and Dren was able to get permission to head to Ragis Tomb. The Firs of Three tests where a Force Force Field that was defeated using the Holocron, the second test was a fight with Half a dozen of Ragis personal guard, and the third test was fighting Dren himself in a personal fight all of these where defeated then he got to speak with Ragi himself. Dren got a warning about the Tradiion itself and was given his blessing.

The group then left the Moon while they were leaving they saw that the Tomb Destroyed itself..

The group gained 2 levels they are now 9th level

Mandaloirian Force Quest

The evening began with the group still in Angmars base. The group decided to do a bit of constructive looting and data mining but not really finding much of note. The only major things they got where the facts that the Inquisitors are an organization that answers directly to Darth Vader without any over-site from the emperor, and that their mandate was to track down any and all Force users and potential Force Users with the intention of either defeating them or bringing them into the fold to be trained as Inquisitors. Once this was done the group set the place to explode and left, leaving destruction in its wake.

The group then made their way back to the fleet, but during the couple of day trip a few things happened, Ivan took advantage and created both of his light sabers and Dren starting to get a bit agitated requested that the group take him back to Mandalorian space. The group agreed but not before continuing onward to the fleet to drop off the Information they received do a bit of shopping and fuel Chianas Ship before taking the long trip to Mandalorian space.

The minute the group arrived in Mandalorian space they are automatically challenged, “Unidentified Ship you have entered Mandalorian space, you are to announcer yourself and your intentions or you will be fired upon, you are also Strictly Encouraged to leave this space as it is not safe.”

Dren you realize that voice is very failure to you, he is an old friend and clan mate of yours.
When the group announces themselves they are told they are going to be escorted to speak to the head of the clan and they will make the final determination on what they will do with you.
Once the group arrived the group minus Dren where told to leave their weapons behind, the group acquiesced to the request with a few exceptions as Chiana decided to smuggle a blaster on her person successfully and had Dren carry her Heavy Blaster Pistol, as did a few others. Once this was completed the group was escorted through the streets to gawking and Derision or worse, but no one tried anything as the group had an armed escort. After a bit of a walk they entered a large ornate building the capital of the clan.
The group is escorted into the building and to the chagrin of the other parishioners the Dren is escorted to the head of the line while the rest of the group is held behind by the guards. The group sees a woman sitting on a throne like chair as she greeted Dren with the traditional greetings and they had conversation which ended with him requesting a private meeting between him the group and her, something she was willing to do as she quickly ended the day’s appointments and escorted the group into her private chambers.
After being seated Dren quickly told her why he was back and what his plans where, and quickly showed her the artifacts that he had found about the Ragi tradition and his plans to resurrect the tradition for the good of the Mandalorian people. After a bit of back and forth in both Basic and Mando, the Clan leader gave him some information on Mando that can read Ancient Mandalorian and should be able to help and information on the mountain that he resides. She also gave them access to a vehicle that should get them to the mountains in question.

The information is as such
• The Winds are very Unpredictable
• There are Strange storms that pop up all the time in those mountains
• The Hermit values his Privacy and does not talk to many
• The Mountains have many mutated creatures they figure it has to do with the storm
• Not even the most hardened Mandalorians tempt these mountains but if you wish to learn what the box says and to find out
• He also tells you due to the unpredictable nature of the place, taking a ship is not a smart idea, but he will let Dren take a transport to the base of the mountain and that you can walk the rest of the way.
• She also tells you the name that the Hermit goes by is Soarin

The group then did a bit of shopping to acquire better climbing gear at the same time Dren got a Family member to create a Beskar glove that will be ready when he is done with his quest. The group also needed more information from Dren on exactly what is going on and exactly why they were here. So he gave the group a quick primer on the Ragi and its history. Then the group made their way to the mountains and quickly regretted it but continued on. As the first evening was arriving the force users started to have a bad feeling, both Dren and Ivan able to keep it at bay but Zeb being a bit more susceptible to the force, the fact that he sees through it was not able to keep it at bay and was minor effected by it (-1 to all rolls).

After this the group got hit by what was described as a Darkside Force Storm that lasted a few minutes changing everything around them and depositing a few Darkside Manifestations that attacked the group. It was a tough fight, but the group eventually defeated the manifestations. After the fight and the group started to get ready for the evening Chiana started to break down as the darkside prevalent area started effecting her greatly (she gained a Darkside point) for the next bit Chiana was going on both paranoid/scared and angry, but she eventually calmed down. None of the group got a great night sleep or Meditation but they were able to get enough sleep for it to not have an effect, outside of Chiana which had the Darkside trying to turn her even more by giving her homicidal ideas towards all of the force users. But she was able to fight it off, so after a bit the group continued their trek up the mountain. During the Trek they saw and felt the storms ebb and flow so the next time they were in the middle of one they knew what was up and was ready, they had another tough fight but again where able to defeat the manifestation.

The evening ended after this fight.


The evening began with the group making their way to the planet Brath Quella to go speak with the Archeologist Kroddok Stopa folloing up a lead from the Broker Contact. The group arrived at the planet and the coordinates to find the encampment empty. After some searching the group realized that Kroddok and his friend a Kel’dor had left the base about two days ago and from the information the group got they where not sure when Kroddok would be back, so they decided to follow them, using a Jurry Rigged Vehicle the group tracked Kroddok to a cave entrance where they went in foot, only to find themselves in a large cave which was a perfectly preserved City. The Group continued into the cave until lthey heard sounds of combat to find their Quarry beset by Five Wampa . A Fight Ensued the group eventually Defeated the Wampas and had a very Grateful kroddok who was gladly willing to give all the information he had on his old base.

1) He gives the group his codes (he isn’t sure they are still good but he gives them anyway)/ Including a backdoor he had installed into the systems that no one but him and his closest advisor/Friend who is also there has
2) He tells them there is a back way into the place and shows them exactly where to go to get in
3) He also gives the group specific coordinates to the location
4) He also gives the group the exact location on the base

The group then followed the direction and where able to make it to the base and inside, they had no real combats until they got to a large central room where they where best by Angmar a Female Force Users with a Lightwhip controlling a Rancor. The Fight took most of the night, and was a very difficult fight.. most of the group getting knocked down at least once. he group was able to Defeat Angmar Chiana poring the damage onto Angmar pretty much focusing her energy completely on Angmar and being able to defeat him while most of the group focused on the Rancor and the Female Force User but in the end the group defeated the Three enemies.

The evening ended with the group still an Angmars base, and Chiana taking Angmars lightsaber as a trophy and completing her destiny. The group got 4,000 xp for the fight and is now 7th level.

Family Reunion

The evening began with the group having just finished a fight with an imperial Extermination squad. The group moved off from that fight and continued to follow Zebs vision and the map the they got until they found the entrance to the hallway that Zeb had in his vision only to find the entranced collapsed. Zeb and Dren helped each other to blow the entrance blockage, then the group continued down the hallway until they came upon another doorway that scanned each one in turn until it scanned Zeb, and said in a computer voice welcome Zeb as it opened a computerize voice welcomed Zeb then the door opened allowing the group to continue down the hallway. Once the group made its way to the end they found it exactly like Zebs vision a Fire with a figure sitting next to it, with tea and enough Cups for the group Plus an extra two. The figure showed himself and started to speak, calling himself Zebulon and stating that he was Zebs Grandfather. Zeb was a bit surprised at this, when Zebulon the elder called Zebs mother in. It was at this point that Zebulon the elder let the group know that they were going to have guests and that they probably should take cover as a fight would most likely ensue. He also requested Zeb to stand next to him and send Zebs mother away to hide, At this point a Bounty hunter in armor but no helmet walked into the room behind him came a dozen Novatroopers and Storm Commandos who arrayed themselves behind them and the group, as the Bounty Hunter continued to move his way up to Zeb and Zebulon the Senior. The conversation did not last all that long, and ended with Zeb trying to shoot him starting the fight. A fight that started poorly for the group but by the end Five Rakghouls joined the fight on the side of the group. And they defeated the Bounty Hunter and his troopers.

At the end of the fight the group find that the Rakghouls had fallen dead while Zebs Grandfather was on the ground almost in unconscious, Sana went over to check on Zebs Grandfather and finds him alive, he then heads over to the Bounty Hunter and finds him alive but unconscious which causes much consternation through the group. But that was a problem for later. because at this point Zebs mother comes back in to help her Father Zebs Grandfather, which is about when he started to wake up to answer some questions.

The information Zeb got was that his family about twenty Five hundred years ago volunteered to become lab rats in some scientists bid to control the Rakghouls. They were some of the few that survived the process and it has bred true through subsequent generations but most generations. And that Zebs was activated because he got bitten by a Rakghoul. He also found out that his Mother was saved by his Grandfather before she could die in the fire. Zebulon the senior also let Zeb know that due to this changes in him he had the ability for limited control of Rakghouls for a limited time and amount and offered to train him which he accepted then he had a short Family Reunion before the group started to argue about what to do with the Bounty Hunter. This ended with the group deciding to take him to a member of the Rebellion.
While this argument was going on about the Bounty Hunter, Chiana and Kiirto had already made their way back to the Ship, and awaiting Chiana was a message from their Broker contact, saying they had information on Angmar and wanted to meet with her to talk about the information. The Group did eventually get back to the ship and together when Chiana let the group know of her need to get to NarShaddaa, the group questioned her on her sudden need to go there as the group was expecting to head back to the fleet and the need to head to NarShaddaa was a bit sudden. This forced Chiana to let the group know why.
Chiana told the group about her past and how Angmar who is am Inquisitor trying to kidnaped or kill her sister Ariadne who is a Jedi Master of the healing arts. She also let the group know that Angmar had killed her Parents in front of her because they wouldn’t divulge the information forcing Chiana to leave her life on the Surface of Coruscant to seek shelter in the depths and forcing her to work for the Black Sun Gang, until she found her families ship again and left. She also let the group know that on no uncertain terms this was a mission of vengeance and her intend was to kill this Angmar. The group understanding this was able to find a Rebel to pass the Bounty Hunter off (Steve spent a Destiny Point) and went to NarShadaa. Chiana also asked the whole group to go with her to speak with the Broker Contact.
The information the Broker had for Chiana was as follows

I found information on your Angmar and I believe your wanting him dead and a problem we have coincide. We have been able to track your Inquisitor, to a planet called Babali,
The Planet Babali
1) Corva sector of the Outer Rim
2) Rainforest
3) Ecological space station orbits planet (Humans and Ithorians)
4) Planet has been deemed Off-Limits (Imperial Decree)
5) One Republic/Old Republic Instillation on planet a mid-size Research Base once owned by the Obroan Institute
6) Obroan Institute was an Archaeological Institute based on the planet
7) Base Deep in the Jungle
8) Angmar is using this place as a Base of Operations
9) The Last Director of the Institute was a man named Kroddok Stopa
1) Korddok Stopa was last known on the Ice Planet of Brath Qella

Korddok Stoppa should have more information on the place and they should seek him out.

The Evening Ended there. Everyone is at 17,433 XP


The evening began with Both Ivan and Zeb got visions, while most of the group just relaxed or trained. Ivan asked about a person named Corvus Corax, then Zeb wanted to talk with Ivan about his vision, the group than talked with the doctors on the medical transport, than the group went back to the fleet to a hero’s welcome, then escorted directly to their debrief, then Zeb talked about his vision and going back to Taris. Ivan then did research on his vision and found it was in the Braxant sector possible planets where Helska, Belakadan, Ord Janon, Sernpidal. Chiana than contacted the Shadow Broker giving them her information on the Rakghouls for information on Angmar, and the Scientists involved… But has yet to tell the group what she got. The group than asked about Taris, the information
1. The academy was never re-opened
2. The imperials are constantly sending down Extermination squads
3. Taris still does not have a huge population, has a reputation
4. The Academy area is under quarantine since the event, only Imperials
5. More Scientists have been brought in since the event
6. Getting into the tunnels could be interesting as all of them either have been blocked off or have a heavy guard of Novatroopers or Storm Commandos…
The day after the group arrived back at the Fleet there was a Medal Ceremony for the group, and they are now considered of the Rebellion and are now treated as such, in the days following the Ceremony and the group was waiting for Chianas ship to be ready they plotted what they intended to do on Taris, at this point Zeb mentioned a neighbor named Jensen, someone he called a bit of an old coot but was not sure if he was even still alive let alone still on taris. So he decided to go to a neighboring planet to send a video call using a Droid to Jensen, this did not go all that well as the droid made the call, it started to smoke as its components where fried. The group continued to talk about what they intended to do, until they all decided to head to Taris and see what they could find.
Under cloak the group arrived at Taris to find a fairly large Imperial presence there, so staying under cloak they decided to do some aerial recon of the Crater and found that the Imperials had Cordoned off the area, an area much large than the crater itself, with Electro fences cordoning off the areas between what’s left of buildings, the area had two large entrances where they found vehicles going through then two smaller entrances. After they got what they were able to get from the ships cameras they sent down the probe droid to see what else it was able to get. The Probe Droid was able to get closer and found that every two buildings had Troopers stationed on top of them watching the perimeter and that there was a bit of Civilian traffic that the group figured was brining local supplies into the area, food and other stuff. Then the Probe droid let the group know that there where outside imperial patrols patrolling the area. The group then thought about having the Probe Droid try to find them an entrance into the underground tunnels but realized the farther it went away from the Imperial patrolled area the more chances someone might think it odd. So the group decided to find a place to land the ship and have Zeb find them an entrance as he is from the area.
After a bit of searching the group was able to find a large enough cave to hide the ship, and then went on foot. Zeb knowing the area but not having any skill in Survival had to let Kiirto take the lead in traversing the area, using his advice on what to look for the group did eventually find an entrance, but found it to be booby-trapped heavily it was a tad strange, the group did a search of the area and found two cameras which Dren being the engineer he is was able to connect Chiana so she could use her gear to loop the feed while the group figured out their next move. It was at this point that Zeb got a strange vision of a younger man that looked strangely like a young version of Jensen setting the traps, so he had Chiana unloop the footage and without saying anything he took his helmet off and started to wave at the camera. This caused four popup turrets to come out of the ground and aim at him, which made the group remind him that he does not look like himself as his skin was very bug like. With this in mind he spoke direction to the cameras and was able to convince Jensen that he was who he said he was. This caused an elevator to come from the ground as the group all stepped into it hearing it groan as they over weighed the old contraption. The Elevator safely deposited them onto the ground and they were met by Turrets and Jensens face on screens showing them the way. The group walked quite a ways until they came across a rook where Jensen stood and greeted Zeb and the group.
The group had a long conversation with Jensen about the Rakghouls, Zebs change the Cure and the original infection thousands of years ago. He mentioned how at one time there where intelligent Rakghouls that knew how to use the force but where taught by a darksider and had to be put down so the idea of Intelligent versions was not completely surprising, what did surprise him was that they could claw and bite themselves through Ship Plating, which was not part of the original Rakghouls. He then gave the group a bit of information on the Plague itself, how it could be between Fifteen minutes and Forty Five minutes until someone becomes a Rakghoul, and that they emit a Green cloud and explode causing others around them to become infected and that the original cure was a short term fix not a long term one.
He then told the group that he could get them a map of the tunnels but it was not perfect, and not completely accurate as tunnels collapse often. The group Took the map as it was better than nothing, and he lead them to an exit telling them that they needed to find a different exit as he likes the tunnels he was living in and did not want to have to move. The group thanked him and went on their way. The group using the map but with a few false starts they were able to find an unblocked area and followed that rout, this lead them to a large cave where they heard blaster fire, finding an Extermination squad, fighting against what they assumed to be Rakghouls. The group waited until the Extermination squad noticed them then got into the fray.
During the fight the group noticed that every member of the Squad they were fighting had a shield, but they were able to defeat them. In the end Dren was able to take the larger of the two shield but found its crystal was shattered while Zeb took three of the smaller ones both of them in hopes they could fix or use them to create shields of their own.
The group ended with 1,100 XP

The Cure

The evening began with the group having just finished a grueling fight with a bunch of Darktroopers right in front of the Environmental Control office, After some time and a combined effort between Chiana and Dren they were finally able to get through the door only to find that there looks like a massacre had happened as there was blood all over the place all over the keyboards and Monitors and other equipment but they found no bodies only strips of clothing.. It was at this point the group was beset by Rakghouls coming out of the floor and walls, after a tense fight the group did eventually prevail but not before Ivan and Zebulon got infected. Once the fight was complete the group found that the environmental systems where damaged in both the current and previous fights so it took Ivan a bit of time to get everything back in a condition and then jury rig the system to allow the gas to run through the facility. The gas took a good part of an hour to run through the whole facilities environmental system during this point Chiana was monitoring the facilities cameras watching as the gas took hold knocking out the Humans but not seeing a single Rakghoul. Sana spent this time administering aide to those injured, it was at this point that Zebulon started to double over in pain, but eventually regaining as the pain ebbed a bit allowing him to continue on.

The group than started to talk about how they were going to get down to the level with the Rebel prisoners, while Chiana was watching the cameras on each level she noticed that the Darktroopers where able to go through the shields without any issues. Chiana also got into the camera system for the level with the Rebel Prisoners and found that there where an extra fifty prisoners that where not imperials. So with all this information the group decided to check the Darktroopers and found that each one had a chip imbedded that allowed them to go through the shields but they were not able to reprogram them for another floor, this caused the group to argue a bit longer until they decided to head down to the security level in hopes they would be able to take control of the Station. To get to Security they decided to set an ambush for the Darktroopers on that level which unknown to them the troopers where intending to do back, this caused neither side to get an advantage. The fight was difficult but the group eventually prevailed and was able to after some more work get into the security section and full control of the base.

Now that the group had full control the group sent the remaining Troopers off on wild goose chases than eventually spacing them, leaving the station completely under their control. With this control the group remotely docked the Imperial Dragon and transferred the Rebel and other prisoners onboard until the Rebel Medical Ship arrived. Once this was done an argument ensued among the group about what to do with the rest of the unconscious imperials. With Chiana wanting to kill them in cold blood, many plans where talked about but in the end the Ivan and Dren were able to talk Chiana into allowing them to live. So the group decided to put most of the imperial Researchers into Escape Pods and Ships and send them on their merry way, while taking the command staff and the Rakghoul project researchers that where left as Prisoners. While this was all happening Sana took advantage of the time to get cracking onto finding a cure. She was able to cobble a cure together by using five different Imperial Projects into one. The cure took her the rest of that day and most of the next, the only thing that forced her to stop was making sure Zebulon was ok as he doubled over in pain again, only to find out that he was no infected with the Plague but instead had something else she could not identify, as his skin started to harden right in front of her eyes. After this she went back to her research which ended up with Dren volunteering to be its first subject. The Cure itself is not without its drawbacks, as it causes excruciating amounts of pain as your bones are breaking and remaking itself twice within a few minutes, turning you into a Rakghou than back to Humanoid, this is double for an advanced force user because when it was administered to Ivan he had a full on Force quake, which caused a massive wave of force, and caused his hair to go shock white.

At the same time while Sana was creating her cure the group tried to find out what happened with the Rakghouls and found two Cutters missing. This caused some serious concerns within the group, when the group checked the video they found the Rakghouls using modified Sign language to communicate and get off the ship, they also found out that the Ships left about the same time the gas was released. This caused Zeb to go into a full meltdown trying to get the group to find them, when the rest of the group tried to calm him down and tell him that at this point there is no way to track the ships especially since they were long gone into Hyperspace. From what they found that it was a dozen Rakghouls for each ship.

The group also downloaded the research data and since they had the time they looked into some of it and found this information.
1) Information that they have been and intend to continue to splice Rakghoul with other species with various success
2) Trying to Pacify Rakghouls with various methods from Drugs to installing a Chip in the brain
3) Video of them adding cyber modifications to Rakghouls to enhance their lethality
4) Information that Test subjects transferred to a world named Babali (possible Research base)
The evening ended at this point with the group getting enough XP to go up to sixth level.

The Death Station

The evening began right after the fight on the Imperial Sun, the group armed the Prisoners and with their help took over the rest of the ship without much of an effort. Chiana than Sliced into its system and with what he found in the system along with information gleaned from the prisoners and information that Sana remembered they were able to find out this information on both the Imperial Dragon and the system and station that the Dragon was on its way to.

Information Found In the Computer about the Imperial Dragon
1) Carried a Hundred Prisoners
2) Officers and the command staff that did not make it off Hoth
3) Broke off from Imperial Star in the Indellian System and was headed towards the imperial Facility at “The Ring”
Information on “The Ring”
1) Imperial Research Station
2) All Projects are classified
Known compliment
1) Upwards of between 25 and 50 different projects at any one time
2) Between 50 – 100 Scientists On staff
3) Anywhere from Platoon (32 troops) to Company (128 troops) strength of Stormtroopers
4) Standard Complement of functionaries
5) Each Level can be self-contained and locked down if needed
6) Multiple floors can be used for specific Research and connected if needed. And locked down in in blocks or singly
Other Information
1) The Prisoners said that the Imperials took Prisoners away on occasion and they never returned
2) They also let the group know that the Imperials also took Blood and Tissue samples from them as well

The group than let the Imperial Sun and Rogue Squadron to head back to the Fleet while they made their way to The Ring to rescue the rest of the Prisoners. When the group arrives at The Ring, they find Both the Imperial Escort and the Imperial Dragon just floating in space, not displaying any type of activity at all… The escort ship has its full complement of Tie Fighters just sitting there doing nothing, at the same time the Imperial Dragon is just sitting there also, neither ship is giving off any type of signal as if both ships are dead. The only thing that is giving off any type of signal is the Imperial station and that is saying it is on lock down. But no reasons as to why or what happened.

Chiana then did some scans of both ships to find that both had a concentration of life signs but the Dragons where a bit more pronounced. Afterword’s Chiana docked The Shadow with the Imperial Dragon and the group found the Ship on Emergency power, the group continued to make their way towards the bridge, they also noticed bodies of dead Stormtroopers and Imperials lying in the hallways looking like they were attacked with Teeth and Claw, Sana did a more detailed examination of the bodies to find that they were attacked by a Three Clawed hand of Humanoid size. The group then continued its way to the bridge to find 2 of these creatures laying in front of a closed locked door.RahkGhoul.jpg

The group made its way into the bridge to only get shot at by a scared crew member, someone that Sana was able to talk down being ex imperial herself. The Crew Member was able to give the group some more information, that they arrived in the system and where ordered to stay where they were and to transport the Prisoners to the station than they could go on their way. The Imperial Crew Member stated its unusual but it is not something you question, so they followed orders so they transported the Prisoners as ordered and the transports arrived back on the ship, and they lost power and communications all that worked was Emergency power, and then they started to hear screams and blaster fire, so as per orders they locked the door to the bridge, At this point the other Crew Member is yelling at engineering to get power restored. And left them to their devices heading back to The Shadow to decide what to do next.

Once safely back on the Ship Zeb told the group that the creatures where Rakghouls Zombie like creatures that started on the world of Taris Thousands of years ago and that he had a run-in with them, there. that did not give the group confidence but they pressed on, and after a bit of talking along themselves and a confab back with the Fleet they decided they would go into the Station to try to save the Remaining prisoners. So to that end the group tried to find any outside antenna they found none figuring they were all retracted, which they hoped means they would not have any outside imperial interference. Not finding any ways to connect from the outside they decided to get as close as possible with docking and Dren left the ship to create a workaround to get at least a basic idea of what happened.

Once they sliced into the system they got a basic layout of the place and where able to cut their search parameters from thirty floors to five floors to find their lost prisoners, they also found Two Rakghouls just sitting in a hallway doing nothing. Chiana also decide to see what they could find about who brought the creatures here. She was able to access a Single video the rest she needed to get into the system specifically to access. The video showed this.

You see the Imperial Agent speaking seemingly berating the Third Figure. “Hobson, I am seriously upset with your lack of results, Do I need to hire someone else to do the job, As I have given you all the Credits and resources to get the job done and you have failed to do this, how difficult is it to find one lone Mirlilukan it is not like they are common around the galaxy, especially one that lived on Taris”, Hobson “No Sir, I can do the job, It is just this Mirilukan in question is apparently trying to hide out as a human and seems to be successful at it, but.. “As you watch the SIS agent cut him off, No more excuses get find him or else.” At this point the Doctor opens her mouth “Mirilukan? I think it is time for you to give me all the details, I have waited patiently for the rest of this plan of yours.” SIS Agent “My Lady, I did not mean to keep you in the dark, but the fact of the matter is we need this man if our plans are to succeed, we need to find this Zebulon Grell, he has exactly what we need.” As you watch them all stand up, “Hobson, get to work, Doctor Follow me and I will show you.” As the video ends.

At this time the group came up with the idea to create a gas to knock all the organics out and hope to knock the Rakghouls to make their lives easier and rescue the Rebels. Knowing they couldn’t keep a Hundred People on The Shadow until the hospital ship arrived in a few days, they had to find a place, so Chiana checked to see if the Imperials on the Imperial Dragon had followed advice and ejected, the group than landed back onto the Dragon and went directly to Engineering where they were quickly beset by Rakghouls, the group was able to defeat them but not without Dren getting infected. Sana did what she could for the Infection pushing its onset back for a good 24 hours in hopes she could find a vaccine for it before it became critical. Dren then vented the rest of the ship before the group made their way back to the station to take control of the Stations Environmental systems and put their gas plan into place.

The group docked with the station and able to slice their way in, and they made their way through boring hallways, until they made their way to the Environmental controls, they got attacked by a group of Dark Troopers and Turrets, The group after a difficult fight where able to defeat the defenders.

The Session Ended at that point.

The group is at 10,247 xp

Bring Them Home

The evening started with the group still in the fight from last week, after a bit more time the group was eventually able to take down the final few combatants, Once the group completed the fight they did that a bit of checking the bodies and taking what they could, finding that Donovan Hocks body was not among the dead, after a bit more checking they found evidence that he was standing on an elevator that had whisked his body away as soon as he had fallen. The group debated on whether searching further but decided they did not have the time. So the group left setting the Mouse Bots off crippling the ship allowing them to escape.

The group than quickly made their way towards NarShadaa to get the cloak installed and the rest of the stuff sold and checked out. The group stayed on NarShadaa for a Week and a half waiting for items they ordered, at this time Ivan made some inquiries to his Master the Force Ghost about the items he had acquired and to find out what the Swords and those wielding them where.

The information he found was as followed

1) Swords where called Sith War Swords created by using Sith Alchemy, which give the darksiders the ability to tap into the darkside they have accrued.
2) Trandoshans they were fighting where apparently members of an ancient order of Hunters that are trained to fight and kill Jedi and other Force Users, An order that was supposed to have been destroyed ages ago.

He then went on to ask about the Inert Holocron he got and his master did corroborate that it was an ancient Holocron and that if Ivan wanted to activate it he would have to spend a lot of time to connect himself before he will be able to activate it. He has confirmed that the crystals he found where also as advertised but he would have to build new ones to use them.

The group than made their way back to the fleet and met with the General Saber Raine. and he mentioned that they just found out that everyone did not die on Hoth and that the empire has Rebel prisoners, we know they were transported off Hoth to the holding facility at Anoat, and just now being transported to the prison planet Belsavis..

General Raine mentioned that the prisoners were being transported on two ships the Imperial Sun and the Imperial Dragon, and that both ships left the Anoat system but the two ships split off from each other in the Indellian system where the Imperial Sun continued on to Belsavis and the Imperial Dragon left to go elsewhere. . And that the Rebellion was able to continue tracking the Sun and found that they should be making there next scheduled Jump out of Hyper in the Dolla system. And that they wanted the group to rescue the prisoners. On the Imperial Sun than find as much information about where the Dragon was going and rescue those Prisoners. After more questions the group found out that the Sun and Dragon both had an escort of a single Imperial Assault Carrier, information that scared the group but did not deter them after they got confirmation that they would get fighter cover Rogue Squadron to be exact the same Squadron that there friend Ardere Lux had been assigned and given an Xwing as-well (Player is away for a while) so the group continued planning. The information they got about the ships and there cover is as such

Imperial Sun and Imperial Dragon
1) Crew of 12
2) A Dozen Stormtrooper guards (capacity of sixteen)
3) Carry’s between 150 – 200 Prisoners
4) Heavy Armor
5) Quad Lasers Fore and Aft
Imperial Assault Carrier
1) Crew 12 not including Tie Fighter Crews
2) Capability to carry up to 6 Tie Fighters (Between 8 and 12 Crew for the Tie Fighters Including Pilots)
3) 8 – 10 Stormtroopers
4) Proton Torpedoes, Laser Cannon batteries, Quad Laser Cannon Batteries

The group’s final plans induced using Rogue Squadron to deal with the Assault Carrier while they landed onto the Imperial Sun and take it over. As part of that plan the group where able to get their hands on two Ion Torpedoes. But in the end decided to hold onto them for the attack on the Imperial Dragon down the line. So with the plan firmly in place the group requested the proper IFF codes from the Rebellions, Code the Rebellion did not have so they decided to contact their Broker contact and called in the favor they had just acquired, A favor that the contact gladly fulfilled getting them the proper codes and that there were a total of Sixteen Stormtroopers and the rest of the compliment. So the group than went about it and their plan worked flawlessly, getting them on board the Imperial Sun.

The evening ended with the group having just finishing a very tough but successful fight.

Everyone is now at 8,047 XP


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