Star Wars Ghost Squad

Bring Them Home

The evening started with the group still in the fight from last week, after a bit more time the group was eventually able to take down the final few combatants, Once the group completed the fight they did that a bit of checking the bodies and taking what they could, finding that Donovan Hocks body was not among the dead, after a bit more checking they found evidence that he was standing on an elevator that had whisked his body away as soon as he had fallen. The group debated on whether searching further but decided they did not have the time. So the group left setting the Mouse Bots off crippling the ship allowing them to escape.

The group than quickly made their way towards NarShadaa to get the cloak installed and the rest of the stuff sold and checked out. The group stayed on NarShadaa for a Week and a half waiting for items they ordered, at this time Ivan made some inquiries to his Master the Force Ghost about the items he had acquired and to find out what the Swords and those wielding them where.

The information he found was as followed

1) Swords where called Sith War Swords created by using Sith Alchemy, which give the darksiders the ability to tap into the darkside they have accrued.
2) Trandoshans they were fighting where apparently members of an ancient order of Hunters that are trained to fight and kill Jedi and other Force Users, An order that was supposed to have been destroyed ages ago.

He then went on to ask about the Inert Holocron he got and his master did corroborate that it was an ancient Holocron and that if Ivan wanted to activate it he would have to spend a lot of time to connect himself before he will be able to activate it. He has confirmed that the crystals he found where also as advertised but he would have to build new ones to use them.

The group than made their way back to the fleet and met with the General Saber Raine. and he mentioned that they just found out that everyone did not die on Hoth and that the empire has Rebel prisoners, we know they were transported off Hoth to the holding facility at Anoat, and just now being transported to the prison planet Belsavis..

General Raine mentioned that the prisoners were being transported on two ships the Imperial Sun and the Imperial Dragon, and that both ships left the Anoat system but the two ships split off from each other in the Indellian system where the Imperial Sun continued on to Belsavis and the Imperial Dragon left to go elsewhere. . And that the Rebellion was able to continue tracking the Sun and found that they should be making there next scheduled Jump out of Hyper in the Dolla system. And that they wanted the group to rescue the prisoners. On the Imperial Sun than find as much information about where the Dragon was going and rescue those Prisoners. After more questions the group found out that the Sun and Dragon both had an escort of a single Imperial Assault Carrier, information that scared the group but did not deter them after they got confirmation that they would get fighter cover Rogue Squadron to be exact the same Squadron that there friend Ardere Lux had been assigned and given an Xwing as-well (Player is away for a while) so the group continued planning. The information they got about the ships and there cover is as such

Imperial Sun and Imperial Dragon
1) Crew of 12
2) A Dozen Stormtrooper guards (capacity of sixteen)
3) Carry’s between 150 – 200 Prisoners
4) Heavy Armor
5) Quad Lasers Fore and Aft
Imperial Assault Carrier
1) Crew 12 not including Tie Fighter Crews
2) Capability to carry up to 6 Tie Fighters (Between 8 and 12 Crew for the Tie Fighters Including Pilots)
3) 8 – 10 Stormtroopers
4) Proton Torpedoes, Laser Cannon batteries, Quad Laser Cannon Batteries

The group’s final plans induced using Rogue Squadron to deal with the Assault Carrier while they landed onto the Imperial Sun and take it over. As part of that plan the group where able to get their hands on two Ion Torpedoes. But in the end decided to hold onto them for the attack on the Imperial Dragon down the line. So with the plan firmly in place the group requested the proper IFF codes from the Rebellions, Code the Rebellion did not have so they decided to contact their Broker contact and called in the favor they had just acquired, A favor that the contact gladly fulfilled getting them the proper codes and that there were a total of Sixteen Stormtroopers and the rest of the compliment. So the group than went about it and their plan worked flawlessly, getting them on board the Imperial Sun.

The evening ended with the group having just finishing a very tough but successful fight.

Everyone is now at 8,047 XP



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