Star Wars Ghost Squad

Mandaloirian Force Quest

The evening began with the group still in Angmars base. The group decided to do a bit of constructive looting and data mining but not really finding much of note. The only major things they got where the facts that the Inquisitors are an organization that answers directly to Darth Vader without any over-site from the emperor, and that their mandate was to track down any and all Force users and potential Force Users with the intention of either defeating them or bringing them into the fold to be trained as Inquisitors. Once this was done the group set the place to explode and left, leaving destruction in its wake.

The group then made their way back to the fleet, but during the couple of day trip a few things happened, Ivan took advantage and created both of his light sabers and Dren starting to get a bit agitated requested that the group take him back to Mandalorian space. The group agreed but not before continuing onward to the fleet to drop off the Information they received do a bit of shopping and fuel Chianas Ship before taking the long trip to Mandalorian space.

The minute the group arrived in Mandalorian space they are automatically challenged, “Unidentified Ship you have entered Mandalorian space, you are to announcer yourself and your intentions or you will be fired upon, you are also Strictly Encouraged to leave this space as it is not safe.”

Dren you realize that voice is very failure to you, he is an old friend and clan mate of yours.
When the group announces themselves they are told they are going to be escorted to speak to the head of the clan and they will make the final determination on what they will do with you.
Once the group arrived the group minus Dren where told to leave their weapons behind, the group acquiesced to the request with a few exceptions as Chiana decided to smuggle a blaster on her person successfully and had Dren carry her Heavy Blaster Pistol, as did a few others. Once this was completed the group was escorted through the streets to gawking and Derision or worse, but no one tried anything as the group had an armed escort. After a bit of a walk they entered a large ornate building the capital of the clan.
The group is escorted into the building and to the chagrin of the other parishioners the Dren is escorted to the head of the line while the rest of the group is held behind by the guards. The group sees a woman sitting on a throne like chair as she greeted Dren with the traditional greetings and they had conversation which ended with him requesting a private meeting between him the group and her, something she was willing to do as she quickly ended the day’s appointments and escorted the group into her private chambers.
After being seated Dren quickly told her why he was back and what his plans where, and quickly showed her the artifacts that he had found about the Ragi tradition and his plans to resurrect the tradition for the good of the Mandalorian people. After a bit of back and forth in both Basic and Mando, the Clan leader gave him some information on Mando that can read Ancient Mandalorian and should be able to help and information on the mountain that he resides. She also gave them access to a vehicle that should get them to the mountains in question.

The information is as such
• The Winds are very Unpredictable
• There are Strange storms that pop up all the time in those mountains
• The Hermit values his Privacy and does not talk to many
• The Mountains have many mutated creatures they figure it has to do with the storm
• Not even the most hardened Mandalorians tempt these mountains but if you wish to learn what the box says and to find out
• He also tells you due to the unpredictable nature of the place, taking a ship is not a smart idea, but he will let Dren take a transport to the base of the mountain and that you can walk the rest of the way.
• She also tells you the name that the Hermit goes by is Soarin

The group then did a bit of shopping to acquire better climbing gear at the same time Dren got a Family member to create a Beskar glove that will be ready when he is done with his quest. The group also needed more information from Dren on exactly what is going on and exactly why they were here. So he gave the group a quick primer on the Ragi and its history. Then the group made their way to the mountains and quickly regretted it but continued on. As the first evening was arriving the force users started to have a bad feeling, both Dren and Ivan able to keep it at bay but Zeb being a bit more susceptible to the force, the fact that he sees through it was not able to keep it at bay and was minor effected by it (-1 to all rolls).

After this the group got hit by what was described as a Darkside Force Storm that lasted a few minutes changing everything around them and depositing a few Darkside Manifestations that attacked the group. It was a tough fight, but the group eventually defeated the manifestations. After the fight and the group started to get ready for the evening Chiana started to break down as the darkside prevalent area started effecting her greatly (she gained a Darkside point) for the next bit Chiana was going on both paranoid/scared and angry, but she eventually calmed down. None of the group got a great night sleep or Meditation but they were able to get enough sleep for it to not have an effect, outside of Chiana which had the Darkside trying to turn her even more by giving her homicidal ideas towards all of the force users. But she was able to fight it off, so after a bit the group continued their trek up the mountain. During the Trek they saw and felt the storms ebb and flow so the next time they were in the middle of one they knew what was up and was ready, they had another tough fight but again where able to defeat the manifestation.

The evening ended after this fight.



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