Star Wars Ghost Squad


The evening began with Both Ivan and Zeb got visions, while most of the group just relaxed or trained. Ivan asked about a person named Corvus Corax, then Zeb wanted to talk with Ivan about his vision, the group than talked with the doctors on the medical transport, than the group went back to the fleet to a hero’s welcome, then escorted directly to their debrief, then Zeb talked about his vision and going back to Taris. Ivan then did research on his vision and found it was in the Braxant sector possible planets where Helska, Belakadan, Ord Janon, Sernpidal. Chiana than contacted the Shadow Broker giving them her information on the Rakghouls for information on Angmar, and the Scientists involved… But has yet to tell the group what she got. The group than asked about Taris, the information
1. The academy was never re-opened
2. The imperials are constantly sending down Extermination squads
3. Taris still does not have a huge population, has a reputation
4. The Academy area is under quarantine since the event, only Imperials
5. More Scientists have been brought in since the event
6. Getting into the tunnels could be interesting as all of them either have been blocked off or have a heavy guard of Novatroopers or Storm Commandos…
The day after the group arrived back at the Fleet there was a Medal Ceremony for the group, and they are now considered of the Rebellion and are now treated as such, in the days following the Ceremony and the group was waiting for Chianas ship to be ready they plotted what they intended to do on Taris, at this point Zeb mentioned a neighbor named Jensen, someone he called a bit of an old coot but was not sure if he was even still alive let alone still on taris. So he decided to go to a neighboring planet to send a video call using a Droid to Jensen, this did not go all that well as the droid made the call, it started to smoke as its components where fried. The group continued to talk about what they intended to do, until they all decided to head to Taris and see what they could find.
Under cloak the group arrived at Taris to find a fairly large Imperial presence there, so staying under cloak they decided to do some aerial recon of the Crater and found that the Imperials had Cordoned off the area, an area much large than the crater itself, with Electro fences cordoning off the areas between what’s left of buildings, the area had two large entrances where they found vehicles going through then two smaller entrances. After they got what they were able to get from the ships cameras they sent down the probe droid to see what else it was able to get. The Probe Droid was able to get closer and found that every two buildings had Troopers stationed on top of them watching the perimeter and that there was a bit of Civilian traffic that the group figured was brining local supplies into the area, food and other stuff. Then the Probe droid let the group know that there where outside imperial patrols patrolling the area. The group then thought about having the Probe Droid try to find them an entrance into the underground tunnels but realized the farther it went away from the Imperial patrolled area the more chances someone might think it odd. So the group decided to find a place to land the ship and have Zeb find them an entrance as he is from the area.
After a bit of searching the group was able to find a large enough cave to hide the ship, and then went on foot. Zeb knowing the area but not having any skill in Survival had to let Kiirto take the lead in traversing the area, using his advice on what to look for the group did eventually find an entrance, but found it to be booby-trapped heavily it was a tad strange, the group did a search of the area and found two cameras which Dren being the engineer he is was able to connect Chiana so she could use her gear to loop the feed while the group figured out their next move. It was at this point that Zeb got a strange vision of a younger man that looked strangely like a young version of Jensen setting the traps, so he had Chiana unloop the footage and without saying anything he took his helmet off and started to wave at the camera. This caused four popup turrets to come out of the ground and aim at him, which made the group remind him that he does not look like himself as his skin was very bug like. With this in mind he spoke direction to the cameras and was able to convince Jensen that he was who he said he was. This caused an elevator to come from the ground as the group all stepped into it hearing it groan as they over weighed the old contraption. The Elevator safely deposited them onto the ground and they were met by Turrets and Jensens face on screens showing them the way. The group walked quite a ways until they came across a rook where Jensen stood and greeted Zeb and the group.
The group had a long conversation with Jensen about the Rakghouls, Zebs change the Cure and the original infection thousands of years ago. He mentioned how at one time there where intelligent Rakghouls that knew how to use the force but where taught by a darksider and had to be put down so the idea of Intelligent versions was not completely surprising, what did surprise him was that they could claw and bite themselves through Ship Plating, which was not part of the original Rakghouls. He then gave the group a bit of information on the Plague itself, how it could be between Fifteen minutes and Forty Five minutes until someone becomes a Rakghoul, and that they emit a Green cloud and explode causing others around them to become infected and that the original cure was a short term fix not a long term one.
He then told the group that he could get them a map of the tunnels but it was not perfect, and not completely accurate as tunnels collapse often. The group Took the map as it was better than nothing, and he lead them to an exit telling them that they needed to find a different exit as he likes the tunnels he was living in and did not want to have to move. The group thanked him and went on their way. The group using the map but with a few false starts they were able to find an unblocked area and followed that rout, this lead them to a large cave where they heard blaster fire, finding an Extermination squad, fighting against what they assumed to be Rakghouls. The group waited until the Extermination squad noticed them then got into the fray.
During the fight the group noticed that every member of the Squad they were fighting had a shield, but they were able to defeat them. In the end Dren was able to take the larger of the two shield but found its crystal was shattered while Zeb took three of the smaller ones both of them in hopes they could fix or use them to create shields of their own.
The group ended with 1,100 XP



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