Star Wars Ghost Squad

The Cure

The evening began with the group having just finished a grueling fight with a bunch of Darktroopers right in front of the Environmental Control office, After some time and a combined effort between Chiana and Dren they were finally able to get through the door only to find that there looks like a massacre had happened as there was blood all over the place all over the keyboards and Monitors and other equipment but they found no bodies only strips of clothing.. It was at this point the group was beset by Rakghouls coming out of the floor and walls, after a tense fight the group did eventually prevail but not before Ivan and Zebulon got infected. Once the fight was complete the group found that the environmental systems where damaged in both the current and previous fights so it took Ivan a bit of time to get everything back in a condition and then jury rig the system to allow the gas to run through the facility. The gas took a good part of an hour to run through the whole facilities environmental system during this point Chiana was monitoring the facilities cameras watching as the gas took hold knocking out the Humans but not seeing a single Rakghoul. Sana spent this time administering aide to those injured, it was at this point that Zebulon started to double over in pain, but eventually regaining as the pain ebbed a bit allowing him to continue on.

The group than started to talk about how they were going to get down to the level with the Rebel prisoners, while Chiana was watching the cameras on each level she noticed that the Darktroopers where able to go through the shields without any issues. Chiana also got into the camera system for the level with the Rebel Prisoners and found that there where an extra fifty prisoners that where not imperials. So with all this information the group decided to check the Darktroopers and found that each one had a chip imbedded that allowed them to go through the shields but they were not able to reprogram them for another floor, this caused the group to argue a bit longer until they decided to head down to the security level in hopes they would be able to take control of the Station. To get to Security they decided to set an ambush for the Darktroopers on that level which unknown to them the troopers where intending to do back, this caused neither side to get an advantage. The fight was difficult but the group eventually prevailed and was able to after some more work get into the security section and full control of the base.

Now that the group had full control the group sent the remaining Troopers off on wild goose chases than eventually spacing them, leaving the station completely under their control. With this control the group remotely docked the Imperial Dragon and transferred the Rebel and other prisoners onboard until the Rebel Medical Ship arrived. Once this was done an argument ensued among the group about what to do with the rest of the unconscious imperials. With Chiana wanting to kill them in cold blood, many plans where talked about but in the end the Ivan and Dren were able to talk Chiana into allowing them to live. So the group decided to put most of the imperial Researchers into Escape Pods and Ships and send them on their merry way, while taking the command staff and the Rakghoul project researchers that where left as Prisoners. While this was all happening Sana took advantage of the time to get cracking onto finding a cure. She was able to cobble a cure together by using five different Imperial Projects into one. The cure took her the rest of that day and most of the next, the only thing that forced her to stop was making sure Zebulon was ok as he doubled over in pain again, only to find out that he was no infected with the Plague but instead had something else she could not identify, as his skin started to harden right in front of her eyes. After this she went back to her research which ended up with Dren volunteering to be its first subject. The Cure itself is not without its drawbacks, as it causes excruciating amounts of pain as your bones are breaking and remaking itself twice within a few minutes, turning you into a Rakghou than back to Humanoid, this is double for an advanced force user because when it was administered to Ivan he had a full on Force quake, which caused a massive wave of force, and caused his hair to go shock white.

At the same time while Sana was creating her cure the group tried to find out what happened with the Rakghouls and found two Cutters missing. This caused some serious concerns within the group, when the group checked the video they found the Rakghouls using modified Sign language to communicate and get off the ship, they also found out that the Ships left about the same time the gas was released. This caused Zeb to go into a full meltdown trying to get the group to find them, when the rest of the group tried to calm him down and tell him that at this point there is no way to track the ships especially since they were long gone into Hyperspace. From what they found that it was a dozen Rakghouls for each ship.

The group also downloaded the research data and since they had the time they looked into some of it and found this information.
1) Information that they have been and intend to continue to splice Rakghoul with other species with various success
2) Trying to Pacify Rakghouls with various methods from Drugs to installing a Chip in the brain
3) Video of them adding cyber modifications to Rakghouls to enhance their lethality
4) Information that Test subjects transferred to a world named Babali (possible Research base)
The evening ended at this point with the group getting enough XP to go up to sixth level.



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