Ardere Lux

Loyal Alliance Pilot


Soldier 1

Soldier Starting Proficiency
Vehicular Combat
Weapon Focus: Heavy Weapons

Penetrating Attack


32 HP
Fort 15
Ref 16
Will 13

Trained Skills:
Endurance +7
Initiative +8
Knowledge (Tactics) +7
Mechanics +7
Perception +7
Pilot +8
Treat Injury +7
Use Computer +7

STR 13 +1
DEX 16 +3
CON 14 +2
INT 14 +2
WIS 15 +4
CHA 11 +0

Blaster Carbine

Special Item:
Modified A-Wing



The Lux family endures. Through coup and revolution and more the Lux family endures. As such we are loyal to the Empire. It is the way to endure, to survive.

However, I am not. I couldn’t care less about most of the family. Endless useless cousins and parents working to hide the family secret. I’m not a secret, it’s just recessive genes. Though perhaps the gap in years between me and my siblings is the secret. I should ask Sana.

I entered the academy to train to be a pilot. Simulations are nowhere near as thrilling as actually flying. I mostly did escort missions, I never engaged the rebellion. I would look for Alliance contacts and help make sure they escaped the Empire. But after Alderaan things changed. There was absolutely no denial of the treachery of the Empire. I immediately left the navy. However, it is difficult to find an Alliance cell as a former Imperial.

I was basically on freelance with the Rebellion for a year. But three months ago I was brought into the Alliance in full. Shortly after that my sister was compromised and I was part of her extraction.

Currently, I am escort for a small cargo ship will the Alliance. At least the A-Wing I have doesn’t fly Alliance colors to blend in a little more. If we evacuate, I have a feeling the captain won’t rendezvous quickly. Not having Alliance insignia should be a boon.

Ardere Lux

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