Chiana Serra (Chianas'erra)

Smuggler with a Cause


Scoundrel 1/Scout 1

Low Light Vision
Great Fortitude
Point Blank Shot
Weapons – Pistols
Weapons – Simple
Weapon – Starship
Precise Shot

Space Hound


29 HP
Fort 18
Ref 18
Will 14

Trained Skills:
Deception 10
Gather Information 10
Initiative 10
Mechanics 10
Perception 7
Persuasion 10
Pilot 10
Use Computer 10

STR 13 +1
DEX 18 +4
CON 16 +3
INT 18 +4
WIS 13 +1
CHA 19 +4

Heavy Blaster
Hold Out Pistol
Frag Grenade

Special Item:
Modified YT-2000 Freighter

Destruction (Revenge)
High Galactic


Chianas’erra (Chiana Serra) was born on Coruscant near the conclusion of The Clone Wars (19 BBY), to Asrons’erra and Iashins’erra. The youngest of two daughters, Chiana was the apple of her daddy’s eye for the first few years of her life. During all this time, she knew of her sister, Araidnes’erra, a Jedi Master, but barely saw her sister.

When Chaina was 5yrs old, The Empire seized her family’s Shipping business, all their assets, and arrested her parents on Treason (her father was secretly shipping weapons to Rebel cells on Ryloth). Seeking her sister (Ariadne having escaped Order 66 and living on Ryloth now fighting in General Sydulla’s Rebel Cell), an Imperial Inquisitor, Angmar (a Trandoshan Force User) was dispatched with the troops arresting Chiana’s parents. During his interrogation of them, both adults were killed and Chiana fled into the depths of Coruscant, where she eventually took up with the Black Sun.

For the next 11 years, Chiana used her with and innate gun skills, to serve the Black Sun, particularly, for Sorsha Bavmorda (a human), an enforcer within the Black Sun. During a job with Sorsha, the two discovered a secret warehouse where the target, one Unkarr Plunt, had stowed away a freighter. Searching the freighter for Plunt, Chiana discovered the ship, The Shadow, had actually belonged to her father, along with the warehouse.

Decideing this was her chance off of Coruscant, Chiana swiped the ship, fleeing when Sorsha was not paying attention, stranding her partner there, with several stormtroopers which had discovered the warehouse as well.
Once she was above Coruscant, Chiana quickly set course for Nar Shadda, where she knew one of her father’s former contacts/partners, Auger, dwelled. Using the communications codes within The Shadow, she contacted Auger, and her life as a smuggler began. She did work for Auger, Jabba the Hutt (rarely, she dislikes Hutts), Unkar Plunt, Ahsoka Tano (Chiana does not know she is/was a Jedi). Knows her only as a Rebel) as well General Sindulla (where she was reunited with her sister, who does NOT approve of her life choices).
During her time smuggling weapons and supplies to Ryloth, Chiana discovered the Rebel cause. After much deliberation and struggling with her conscience, she joined the Rebellion, bringing her ship, its cloaking technology (which she does not share and only Auger can repair), and her skills.

The past two months she has been funneling personnel and supplies into Echo Base, where she has supported the cause, and also taken up with General Riekaan, the base commander. This relationship has afforded her some leeway, as well as access to Rebel intelligence, as Chiana continues to search for Angmaar, the Inquisitor who murdered her family

Chiana Serra (Chianas'erra)

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