Dren Faal

Mandalorian Scion of Ragi


Dren is a 26 year old male Mandalorian, with black hair and grey eyes. He possesses a build best described as wiry rather than powerful.


Dren is the third and middle son of his family.. He excelled in military studies at the Imperial Academy, where he met Tristan Wren. Over the next several years, the revolt of Clan Wren drew Clan Faal along with them into the Rebellion.

Dren was briefly engaged to Elorie of Clan Deshra, but they ended their relationship when their families politics brought them into opposition with one another. Though estranged, the two still have strong feelings for one another.

Since the destruction of the Death Star, however, Dren has been ruminating about the nature of the Force, and his family’s past history with it. While the Jedi Order holds little interest for him, he would be interested in resurrecting the Scions of Ragi.

Dren Faal

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