Kiirto Reedin

Underage Scout for the Rebellion


Born on the swamp world of Aissen Kiirto was a child of the plague ridden villages that bordered the great Ookeen lake. With both his parents dead by the age of fourteen he was forced to work for the offworld companies that bought the naturally growing plants for medical uses. Paid a pittance he risked the deadly creatures of the swamps with only a cheap slugthrower rifle for protection.

By Sixteen he’d had enough. He stowed away in the bay of a tramp smuggler, the Aincrad, heading for who knows where. A week later, as the cargo containers were being unloaded, he was discovered, beaten within an inch of his life and left in a corner of the docking die. This was on Hoth as the smuggler was running guns and supplies to the rebel alliance. A member of the rebel medical team found him and patched him up where upon the rebel threw him into a cold cell thinking he might be a spy for the empire.

After three weeks of questioning, during which his wounds healed, Rebel leadership decided that he wasn’t a spy. This left Kiirto in a bind, he was stuck on a frozen hellhole in an environment he did not know with no way to pay his way off. The rebellion wasn’t going to give him a free ride so with no other options he volunteered for the Rebellion. Because of his size and his ability to survive he was put into a scout platoon and the members started him on his training in surviving in all kinds of environments.

It’s been six months since this happened.

Kiirto Reedin

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