Zebulon Grell

Mid-twenties "human" male, face badly burned


Miralukan Soldier L1

Stats: STR 12(1) DEX 16(3) CON 16(3) INT 17(3) WIS 12(1) CHA 13(1)

Defenses: Fortitude 21 Reflex (18) Will 15
Damage Threshold 26
Initiative +9 Perception +8 (ignore Darkness & ALL modifiers other than ‘Total’)

Blaster Carbine (7, 3d81, 30/60/150/XXX, Energy) Vibrobayonet (5, 2d63, melee, Piercing)

Talents: Devastating Attack(rifles) – target counts Damage Threshold -5 for results
Armored Defense – use armor or level for reflex defense

Feats: Armor Proficiency(light, medium), Force Sensitive, Force Training(x1), Weapon Proficiency(melee,heavy,pistols, rifles, simple)
Improved Damage Threshold

Skills: Endurance+10, Initiative+9, Mechanics+10, Perception+8, Use Computer+10, Use The Force+8

Force Powers: Surge(x2)


Boring (yet concise) background for Zebulon Grell

Zebulon Grell was born in hyperspace in transit to Taris to Danys Grell (mother, human). Kasseph Grell (father, miralukan) was a captain in the Hapan Navy, killed in action. Zebulon was born with nonfunctional eyes but very strong Force Sight & no one was aware he wasn’t completely human growing up. He learned of his father & grandfather from Danys’ (slightly romanticized) bedtime stories.

He joined the Tynnra Pamlo Memorial Training Academy against his mother’s wishes & advanced to corporal. His cadre was training in the tunnels when the containment breach & lockdown incident occurred. They came upon the last of Korvok Squad who had been charged with recovering the data archives. Zeb sent the archives ahead with his fastest cadets while he & the rest carried remainder of the elite squad. Governor Pamlo ordered the entire ward to be firebombed supposedly to prevent an outbreak. Danys was in her bakery and was killed in blast (it was her remains that were mistaken for Zeb’s). Zeb was the only one to get out of the tunnels due to his Force abilities but he was badly burned on face & head.

He left Taris and “tramped about” as a mechanic and occasionally took part in combat arenas when creds were tight. He fought under the label The White Knight until he fell in with some Rebels and got caught up in their struggle. Some day he hopes to be able to follow up on his one & only lead regarding the Rakghoul data archives told to him by the dying Korvok Squad member … “Make sure this gets to Proxima” … regardless of what, where or who that ‘Proxima’ is!

Zebulon Grell

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