Star Wars Ghost Squad

Droids everywhere

The evening began with Chiana canvasing the cantina for general information on the signal, most of what she got was junk, but out of that she was able to glean three specific locations.
1) Bloody Torpedo (Omega)
2) The third moon of the 11th planet
3) Felucia

At the same time an incident occurs above you, as you see a humanoid figure get thrown through the windows, slamming into the Signs above the bar as the figure than lands on its back onto the bar itself while an item on his face went the opposite way as you see a female twi’lek figure standing in front of the broken windows looking satisfied and pissed, as she is obviously giving orders. At this time Sana went to check on the Kel’dor while Ivan went looking for his mask, Sana was able to find out that he was still alive but his back and neck where badly broken, at this point they were asked to leave as a group of men removed the Kel’dor. At this point the group decided to take a look at the com center only to find the location fortified with brand new equipment, the group figured going at it from the front would be a bad idea. So Chiana decided to seduce a low level Administrator and get his password and go at it from a different angle. The group waited a few hours while they did some shopping, than Chiana and Kiirto snuck into the administration level and made their way to the guys office and was able to hack in from there taking a few tires and a bit of time Chiaana was able to successfully slice into the Communications system and was able to find out that the signal did not originate from there but was bounced off its communications satellite, from a different location, the annalist figured it came from the 3rd moon of the 11th planet of the system. The group than quickly left the station and went over to the moon, and dropped a probe to do some ground while they did some from the ship. Which was when the group was attacked by Droid Starfighters and Ardere’s A-wing was disabled but recoverable.

It was at that point that the group got contacted back by the probe, that along with the sensor scans that was done of the base they were able to get a layout of the place and two separate floor plans., The group than went through a few different ideas but decided to head through the front door. They sent Dren out to cannibalize some of the droid ships and created a workaround to open the door. The group was able to get through the front door without incident but where beset when they got down to the second level, they defeated the Droids, but not without Dren getting almost killed in the process but surviving barely. Chiana was than able to shut the system down making sure they are not disturbed while there.


Don’t forget the huge force-sensitive crowd at the ‘Bloody Torpedo’ who “weren’t making any effort to hide it”. Ivan also noticed that the female Twi’lek used the force to hurl the Kel’dor through the window.

Droids everywhere

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