Star Wars Ghost Squad

Family Reunion

The evening began with the group having just finished a fight with an imperial Extermination squad. The group moved off from that fight and continued to follow Zebs vision and the map the they got until they found the entrance to the hallway that Zeb had in his vision only to find the entranced collapsed. Zeb and Dren helped each other to blow the entrance blockage, then the group continued down the hallway until they came upon another doorway that scanned each one in turn until it scanned Zeb, and said in a computer voice welcome Zeb as it opened a computerize voice welcomed Zeb then the door opened allowing the group to continue down the hallway. Once the group made its way to the end they found it exactly like Zebs vision a Fire with a figure sitting next to it, with tea and enough Cups for the group Plus an extra two. The figure showed himself and started to speak, calling himself Zebulon and stating that he was Zebs Grandfather. Zeb was a bit surprised at this, when Zebulon the elder called Zebs mother in. It was at this point that Zebulon the elder let the group know that they were going to have guests and that they probably should take cover as a fight would most likely ensue. He also requested Zeb to stand next to him and send Zebs mother away to hide, At this point a Bounty hunter in armor but no helmet walked into the room behind him came a dozen Novatroopers and Storm Commandos who arrayed themselves behind them and the group, as the Bounty Hunter continued to move his way up to Zeb and Zebulon the Senior. The conversation did not last all that long, and ended with Zeb trying to shoot him starting the fight. A fight that started poorly for the group but by the end Five Rakghouls joined the fight on the side of the group. And they defeated the Bounty Hunter and his troopers.

At the end of the fight the group find that the Rakghouls had fallen dead while Zebs Grandfather was on the ground almost in unconscious, Sana went over to check on Zebs Grandfather and finds him alive, he then heads over to the Bounty Hunter and finds him alive but unconscious which causes much consternation through the group. But that was a problem for later. because at this point Zebs mother comes back in to help her Father Zebs Grandfather, which is about when he started to wake up to answer some questions.

The information Zeb got was that his family about twenty Five hundred years ago volunteered to become lab rats in some scientists bid to control the Rakghouls. They were some of the few that survived the process and it has bred true through subsequent generations but most generations. And that Zebs was activated because he got bitten by a Rakghoul. He also found out that his Mother was saved by his Grandfather before she could die in the fire. Zebulon the senior also let Zeb know that due to this changes in him he had the ability for limited control of Rakghouls for a limited time and amount and offered to train him which he accepted then he had a short Family Reunion before the group started to argue about what to do with the Bounty Hunter. This ended with the group deciding to take him to a member of the Rebellion.
While this argument was going on about the Bounty Hunter, Chiana and Kiirto had already made their way back to the Ship, and awaiting Chiana was a message from their Broker contact, saying they had information on Angmar and wanted to meet with her to talk about the information. The Group did eventually get back to the ship and together when Chiana let the group know of her need to get to NarShaddaa, the group questioned her on her sudden need to go there as the group was expecting to head back to the fleet and the need to head to NarShaddaa was a bit sudden. This forced Chiana to let the group know why.
Chiana told the group about her past and how Angmar who is am Inquisitor trying to kidnaped or kill her sister Ariadne who is a Jedi Master of the healing arts. She also let the group know that Angmar had killed her Parents in front of her because they wouldn’t divulge the information forcing Chiana to leave her life on the Surface of Coruscant to seek shelter in the depths and forcing her to work for the Black Sun Gang, until she found her families ship again and left. She also let the group know that on no uncertain terms this was a mission of vengeance and her intend was to kill this Angmar. The group understanding this was able to find a Rebel to pass the Bounty Hunter off (Steve spent a Destiny Point) and went to NarShadaa. Chiana also asked the whole group to go with her to speak with the Broker Contact.
The information the Broker had for Chiana was as follows

I found information on your Angmar and I believe your wanting him dead and a problem we have coincide. We have been able to track your Inquisitor, to a planet called Babali,
The Planet Babali
1) Corva sector of the Outer Rim
2) Rainforest
3) Ecological space station orbits planet (Humans and Ithorians)
4) Planet has been deemed Off-Limits (Imperial Decree)
5) One Republic/Old Republic Instillation on planet a mid-size Research Base once owned by the Obroan Institute
6) Obroan Institute was an Archaeological Institute based on the planet
7) Base Deep in the Jungle
8) Angmar is using this place as a Base of Operations
9) The Last Director of the Institute was a man named Kroddok Stopa
1) Korddok Stopa was last known on the Ice Planet of Brath Qella

Korddok Stoppa should have more information on the place and they should seek him out.

The Evening Ended there. Everyone is at 17,433 XP



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