Star Wars Ghost Squad

Hunting to Fallen Padawan

The evening began with the Jedi feeling a large Force Wave as Ragis tomb is destroyed.

The group heads back to pick up Drens glove then head off, during this trip While Ivan is Meditating he gets pulled out of his meditations, only to find his holocron glowing a ruddy red and his Masters Force Ghost speaking with a figure Robed in black.

The Minute Ivan looked over at the figures he sees the robed figure look over at him and what he sees a skeletal figure with red glowing eyes which gives you a malevolent smile that chills you to the bone as the temperature of the room drops about thirty degrees.
His master seems completely un-phased by the robed figure, your masters force ghost looks over at you a bit frayed at the edges.
His master spoke his voice a bit hollow right now, “You were not supposed to see that but I am glad that you did. That was well, It is not really important who that was, but he came to give me well us some dire warnings about my former Padawan, Corvus Corax, apparently he is trying to resurrect the long dead Sith Emperor for unknown reasons.

Information given
• He has found the location of the imperial planet of Dronund Kaas
• Wants to bring the Ancient SIth Lords that where put into stasis millennia ago
• Created a cult of Sith Worshipers
• Intent on brining the Ancient Sith Emperor back from the dead in spirit if not in Physical form
It is not known how he found the place or what he intends to do to bring it all back but it will not be good for the universe in general.It is not known how he found the place or what he plans to do to bring it all back but it will not be good for the universe in general.

Ivan also learned his holocron was dual Lightside/Darkside Holocron, and that it was created during the days of the Old Republic and was created by Darth Maar and Satiel Shan during the Zakuulian War.
After all this information the group try different means to find out where Dromund Kaas was but they struck out in most places.

Ivan did not get the information he did get information on the Sith Pureblood Race.
Chiana then went to Augur knowing he was the one that was able to help her with her Cloak which is from the Time of the Old republic but even he did not have that kind of information.

It was not until they went to speak with there Broker Contact who had some information for them. Though not a direct link.

• The Tomb of Darth Raban
• Tombs Guards where befuddled into not attacking the invaders somehow
• The Tombs guards include a mated pair of Terentatek, and two Massai Abominations
• Beyond that the Tomb has no other guardians An Ancient tomb was breached by an unknown force on the planet of Ord Mantell

If the group asks about what Terentatek they are they learn this
• Resembles the Rancor but with large spines jutting from its back and additional set of mandibles and an additional set of mandibles sprouting from its mouth
• Immune to mind effecting Force Powers
• Resistant to the Force
• Known as Jedi Killers
If the group asks about Massassi Abominations
• Powerful Force Users
• Powerful emanation of Fear

The group arrived at Ord Mantell, and made their was towards the tomb where they are attacked by its guardians Two Terentatek and a two Massassi Abominations, the fight is fierce but the group was able to kill the Terentatek and are able to knock out One of the Massassi and the other gave us to save both lives.

Inside the tomb you find it full of Artifacts untouched with dust, until you come into what can only be described as a map room, an ancient map room that shows the galaxy as it was during the days of the old republic, it shows each planet as it was back then, including the ancient space lanes… some of which don’t match anything on the charts today. It also shows the location of Dromund Kaas, along with most of the planets within what used to be the Sith Empire, a number of them no longer on any charts today.
I will need three Pilot checks to figure out how they compare to current Lanes to get there safely.

You are also able to get information on what Dromund Kaas was like back in the day, no one has any idea what it will be like today.

While looking at the map they did find Tython. as well.



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