Star Wars Ghost Squad

Ragi Reborn

The Evening began right after the second fight with the Force Manifestations, Afterwards the group spent time Healing up before moving back up the mountain until they got to the top which looked like a scalpel or Laser literally cut a perfect L out of the mountain. The only other thing they notice is an entrance into a dark cave. The group eventually decides to enter and finds that there light sources aren’t as bright as they used to they also noticed there Chronos where not working. But the Group continued to follow Dren Down into the Mountain. The group did not know how long it took until they made their way into an Ampathearter with a Fire in the center and a figure at the top of the Bowl, as Dren got closer he was warned off and told to leave, when he did not the figure invaded his mind hoping to force him out that way. Dren was able to fight it off and eventually force it out of his mind forcing Soarin to come out and speak with him. A long story short Dren was able to get information out of Soarin. The information included

Information he gives you
• These are the keys that will unlock Ragis’ tomb
• The tomb will only open for the One that is to come and at the right time
• The Keys must be put in the proper order
• The Mandalorian that is meant to open will know when the time comes
• The Tomb is guarded by ancient Mandalorian warriors that will defend the Tomb, and you must defeat them to be able to continue into the tomb
• Once inside you will be met with One more test.. It does not describe what the test is.. just some sort of test
• It does not say where the tomb is

But I will give you a hint, Ragi was a direct Ancestor of yours, he was from your family so if anyone would know where his tomb is, you probably need to speak to your family member tasked with your family’s history.
The group then heads back down the mountain Unmolested this time until they are accosted by 8 Mandalorian Zealots who tried to stop the group, a fight ensued most of the Zealots where killed but 2 escaped. Dren took the leaders Armor which was made out of Beskar then the group went to speak with Drens mother who was also the family’s historian they also got to meet his family as well. His mother was able to give him this information.

• Ragi was buried on the moon of Kalandor
• It is Rumored that Ragi’s own spirit still haunts that place waiting for one that is to come
• Rumored that others over the years have tried to get inside but none ever returned
• An Honor guard of Clan guards protect the Tomb
• It is staid the last of his original followers ritually committed suicide and where instilled with some of Ragis immense power to Protect their masters tomb from all that try to enter.
After that the group went to the Moon and Dren was able to get permission to head to Ragis Tomb. The Firs of Three tests where a Force Force Field that was defeated using the Holocron, the second test was a fight with Half a dozen of Ragis personal guard, and the third test was fighting Dren himself in a personal fight all of these where defeated then he got to speak with Ragi himself. Dren got a warning about the Tradiion itself and was given his blessing.

The group then left the Moon while they were leaving they saw that the Tomb Destroyed itself..

The group gained 2 levels they are now 9th level



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