Star Wars Ghost Squad


The evening began with the group making their way to the planet Brath Quella to go speak with the Archeologist Kroddok Stopa folloing up a lead from the Broker Contact. The group arrived at the planet and the coordinates to find the encampment empty. After some searching the group realized that Kroddok and his friend a Kel’dor had left the base about two days ago and from the information the group got they where not sure when Kroddok would be back, so they decided to follow them, using a Jurry Rigged Vehicle the group tracked Kroddok to a cave entrance where they went in foot, only to find themselves in a large cave which was a perfectly preserved City. The Group continued into the cave until lthey heard sounds of combat to find their Quarry beset by Five Wampa . A Fight Ensued the group eventually Defeated the Wampas and had a very Grateful kroddok who was gladly willing to give all the information he had on his old base.

1) He gives the group his codes (he isn’t sure they are still good but he gives them anyway)/ Including a backdoor he had installed into the systems that no one but him and his closest advisor/Friend who is also there has
2) He tells them there is a back way into the place and shows them exactly where to go to get in
3) He also gives the group specific coordinates to the location
4) He also gives the group the exact location on the base

The group then followed the direction and where able to make it to the base and inside, they had no real combats until they got to a large central room where they where best by Angmar a Female Force Users with a Lightwhip controlling a Rancor. The Fight took most of the night, and was a very difficult fight.. most of the group getting knocked down at least once. he group was able to Defeat Angmar Chiana poring the damage onto Angmar pretty much focusing her energy completely on Angmar and being able to defeat him while most of the group focused on the Rancor and the Female Force User but in the end the group defeated the Three enemies.

The evening ended with the group still an Angmars base, and Chiana taking Angmars lightsaber as a trophy and completing her destiny. The group got 4,000 xp for the fight and is now 7th level.



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