Star Wars Ghost Squad

The Death Station

The evening began right after the fight on the Imperial Sun, the group armed the Prisoners and with their help took over the rest of the ship without much of an effort. Chiana than Sliced into its system and with what he found in the system along with information gleaned from the prisoners and information that Sana remembered they were able to find out this information on both the Imperial Dragon and the system and station that the Dragon was on its way to.

Information Found In the Computer about the Imperial Dragon
1) Carried a Hundred Prisoners
2) Officers and the command staff that did not make it off Hoth
3) Broke off from Imperial Star in the Indellian System and was headed towards the imperial Facility at “The Ring”
Information on “The Ring”
1) Imperial Research Station
2) All Projects are classified
Known compliment
1) Upwards of between 25 and 50 different projects at any one time
2) Between 50 – 100 Scientists On staff
3) Anywhere from Platoon (32 troops) to Company (128 troops) strength of Stormtroopers
4) Standard Complement of functionaries
5) Each Level can be self-contained and locked down if needed
6) Multiple floors can be used for specific Research and connected if needed. And locked down in in blocks or singly
Other Information
1) The Prisoners said that the Imperials took Prisoners away on occasion and they never returned
2) They also let the group know that the Imperials also took Blood and Tissue samples from them as well

The group than let the Imperial Sun and Rogue Squadron to head back to the Fleet while they made their way to The Ring to rescue the rest of the Prisoners. When the group arrives at The Ring, they find Both the Imperial Escort and the Imperial Dragon just floating in space, not displaying any type of activity at all… The escort ship has its full complement of Tie Fighters just sitting there doing nothing, at the same time the Imperial Dragon is just sitting there also, neither ship is giving off any type of signal as if both ships are dead. The only thing that is giving off any type of signal is the Imperial station and that is saying it is on lock down. But no reasons as to why or what happened.

Chiana then did some scans of both ships to find that both had a concentration of life signs but the Dragons where a bit more pronounced. Afterword’s Chiana docked The Shadow with the Imperial Dragon and the group found the Ship on Emergency power, the group continued to make their way towards the bridge, they also noticed bodies of dead Stormtroopers and Imperials lying in the hallways looking like they were attacked with Teeth and Claw, Sana did a more detailed examination of the bodies to find that they were attacked by a Three Clawed hand of Humanoid size. The group then continued its way to the bridge to find 2 of these creatures laying in front of a closed locked door.RahkGhoul.jpg

The group made its way into the bridge to only get shot at by a scared crew member, someone that Sana was able to talk down being ex imperial herself. The Crew Member was able to give the group some more information, that they arrived in the system and where ordered to stay where they were and to transport the Prisoners to the station than they could go on their way. The Imperial Crew Member stated its unusual but it is not something you question, so they followed orders so they transported the Prisoners as ordered and the transports arrived back on the ship, and they lost power and communications all that worked was Emergency power, and then they started to hear screams and blaster fire, so as per orders they locked the door to the bridge, At this point the other Crew Member is yelling at engineering to get power restored. And left them to their devices heading back to The Shadow to decide what to do next.

Once safely back on the Ship Zeb told the group that the creatures where Rakghouls Zombie like creatures that started on the world of Taris Thousands of years ago and that he had a run-in with them, there. that did not give the group confidence but they pressed on, and after a bit of talking along themselves and a confab back with the Fleet they decided they would go into the Station to try to save the Remaining prisoners. So to that end the group tried to find any outside antenna they found none figuring they were all retracted, which they hoped means they would not have any outside imperial interference. Not finding any ways to connect from the outside they decided to get as close as possible with docking and Dren left the ship to create a workaround to get at least a basic idea of what happened.

Once they sliced into the system they got a basic layout of the place and where able to cut their search parameters from thirty floors to five floors to find their lost prisoners, they also found Two Rakghouls just sitting in a hallway doing nothing. Chiana also decide to see what they could find about who brought the creatures here. She was able to access a Single video the rest she needed to get into the system specifically to access. The video showed this.

You see the Imperial Agent speaking seemingly berating the Third Figure. “Hobson, I am seriously upset with your lack of results, Do I need to hire someone else to do the job, As I have given you all the Credits and resources to get the job done and you have failed to do this, how difficult is it to find one lone Mirlilukan it is not like they are common around the galaxy, especially one that lived on Taris”, Hobson “No Sir, I can do the job, It is just this Mirilukan in question is apparently trying to hide out as a human and seems to be successful at it, but.. “As you watch the SIS agent cut him off, No more excuses get find him or else.” At this point the Doctor opens her mouth “Mirilukan? I think it is time for you to give me all the details, I have waited patiently for the rest of this plan of yours.” SIS Agent “My Lady, I did not mean to keep you in the dark, but the fact of the matter is we need this man if our plans are to succeed, we need to find this Zebulon Grell, he has exactly what we need.” As you watch them all stand up, “Hobson, get to work, Doctor Follow me and I will show you.” As the video ends.

At this time the group came up with the idea to create a gas to knock all the organics out and hope to knock the Rakghouls to make their lives easier and rescue the Rebels. Knowing they couldn’t keep a Hundred People on The Shadow until the hospital ship arrived in a few days, they had to find a place, so Chiana checked to see if the Imperials on the Imperial Dragon had followed advice and ejected, the group than landed back onto the Dragon and went directly to Engineering where they were quickly beset by Rakghouls, the group was able to defeat them but not without Dren getting infected. Sana did what she could for the Infection pushing its onset back for a good 24 hours in hopes she could find a vaccine for it before it became critical. Dren then vented the rest of the ship before the group made their way back to the station to take control of the Stations Environmental systems and put their gas plan into place.

The group docked with the station and able to slice their way in, and they made their way through boring hallways, until they made their way to the Environmental controls, they got attacked by a group of Dark Troopers and Turrets, The group after a difficult fight where able to defeat the defenders.

The Session Ended at that point.

The group is at 10,247 xp



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