Star Wars Ghost Squad

The Signal

The evening began with the group having just finished up a fight with the last of the Droid guards. The Chiana went to slice the system while the rest of the group started to gather up the items they would be able to transport out physically.
This included
Stuff they intended to sell for later
1) 4 B1 series Battle droids (complete)
2) Parts for possibly 2 more
3) 2 Super Battle droids
4) A single Droidika

At the same time Chiana was able to slice into the computer system and she was able to find this information

Three videos
1) A group of humans re-activating the process
2) A blond wearing an Imperial SIS uniform in command of everyone
3) You also see video of the creation of the droids and multiple ships coming and going at different hours picking Droids up.

2) Plans for something called the Dark Trooper, Four Separate Plans… Four Phases, the Forth includes Human Components.
3) You are able to find out that this was not the origin of the signal but it triangulates too deep in the Jungles of the planet

As chiana finished copying the documents from the system she was contacted by her droid copilot Cy, letting her know that he is detecting telling her he is getting some serious seismic sensor readings coming from right underneath the base, and that they probably should get out of there quickly as they might have at most 15 20 minutes tops. As the ship you see a portion of the moon explode…

the group deliberated on what they decided to do and sent there one remaining Probe droid to Felucia to see what it can find for them, it took some time for this to happen so the group took advantage and got some sleep. During that time Dren got a vision,

Drens Vision
You are standing just inside a dark room, all you see is a gloved hand with a large uncut crystal sitting in its palm. You than start to hear what you assume is chanting but you cannot make out any of its words, But you start to see the crystal taking shape the crystal continues to shape itself until it stops at the shape of a dodecahedron and you also notice a ruddy red glow start to grow deep inside the crystal.
At this point you have lost all concept of time because you continue to stand transfixed by the event unfolding in front of you as you realize you are not in charge of your body as you cannot move your head. You continue to watch as the crystal starts to shave unfamiliar letters into its surface at the same time the glow continues to intensify until you notice the crystal has finished carving itself and the room is now bathed in a crimson glow as the figure turns its head and you can see the figures face for the first time.
As you look at the face bathed in the crimson light you notice that he looks almost identical to you as if you had looked into a mirror, the only difference is that the figure has a scar running from his hairline to his chin as if he had gotten into a fight with a clawed creature that has sliced him with three claws. The figure than opens its mouth and in Mando says “Good you are finally awake, we can finally begin” it’s at this point you wake up.
The next morning the group started to review the information sent back from the probe droid, the information the droid sent back before it was destroyed included

1) Very Aggressive Fauna
2) Very Thick Canopy, Evidence of traffic, mostly foot and beast
3) Sights of previous inhabitance (Small abandoned Villages)
4) Evidence of Imperial Presence, Speeder Bikes, and Evidence of some sort of fighting… No bodies but occasional technology, Chewed Armor
5) Single Entrance into a rock wall

There only plan was to land at the local port, send the ship away and walk the two and a half days towards the door, the group constantly heard creatures all around, including Rancor.. But they did not see any of them. The group walked the partially overgrown path, for the first day, made camp and woke up to them being surrounded by thick fog and trees that seemingly popped up overnight. Within the fog the group four separate forms, three of which with Lightsabers lit, and a Fourth that has the silhouette of someone very familiar to Chiana, “ahh, Chianas’era, it’s been a very long time hasn’t it? And what an interesting group you have gathered, A Jedi Knight… no wait not a Knight, just a pup, A Force sensitive Mandalorian, one with a much bigger destiny than even he knows, a Mirilukan, unusual very unusual especially this one, an ex-Imperial Healer, You really must be truly desperate” A bit of a back and forth happened when he ordered the Lightsaber wielders to attack the group capturing Chiana, the Mirilukan but kill everyone else. A fight ensued, with the group taking a pounding as Kath Hounds showed themselves as the fight ensued. Once the fight ensued the group was able to get their hands on two intact lightsabers (red), and two broken ones.

The rest of the travel was fairly uneventful, they eventually came up to the broken probe droid, which looks like it had been attacked by a Rancor, but salvageable. then they tacked the door itself and was able to Slice and Break their way in only to find a bunch of Stormtroopers as guards which they were easily able to deal with and where able to find out that there weren’t that many troopers there, but enough to make it a bit difficult as they had a few skirmishes here and there dealing with them troopers, as they made their way to the Laboratory’s and had a short fight with a bunch of Phase one and two Dark Troopers, which they were able to defeat not without difficulty as they were still damaged from the last fight., Chiana hacked into the system there but found it empty. The group than made its way to the main computer room at the same time Dren and Zebulon where setting the place up to blow… while the rest of the group was looting the area, Chiana got access to the computer system the cameras and data and was able to find that this is the original location of the signal, and you find a corrupted version of the packet sent, it does not have the final location in it but it does give a few more details… That the plan has begun, it will be ready in time, and everything is happening as it has been foreseen. With a list of projects all in code that is being done around the galaxy… The final goal you don’t know, you don’t even know who it was sent to.

she also find the plans for a new ship, and video of its construction, and an addendum that states Ship has been complete and is ready to be launched.


She than checked the cameras and was able to see as half a dozen crates are transported onto the ship, and three ambulatory cyborgs, and half a dozen Upgraded Super Battle Droids, the good doctor, and a Man with blond hair (cut short) in Imperial Intelligence uniform. Boarding the ship, as the roof opens and the star ship escapes.

The group than leaves heading to Nar Shaddaa to get repairs to sell their stuff, they were able to make around 45k each from the stuff they sold, it was at that point that Augur let Chiana know that he was able to get a name for her but nothing else for her to get her cloak. The man’s name is Donovan Hock, than Chiana contacted the Brokers factor.
The brokers factor gave them the information and stated that if they can take him out it would put them into the Brokers good graces, and a possible personal meeting with the Broker also. The information includes this information, Donovan Owns a Star destroyer. Is currently in the Tatooine system, and has a personal museum and the cloak and some Mandalorian artifacts. The information included that he does loan out his army so maybe at most 30 guys plus his personal guard, the group than starts to talk about it. As she tried to convince the group to do this as well as defeat Donovan Hock and destroy the Star Destroyer. She was eventually successful and the group came up with a few ideas of how to do it, this included creating Trojan Mousebots. Mousebots that are stuffed with explosives, and programed for specific locations and can be set off by radio but with contingencies.

Then the group went back to the fleet and debriefed from there last mission.



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