Star Wars Ghost Squad

Trojan Mouse Bot

The group decided to head to the Tatooine system and enact their plan to acquire Chianas Cloak and Drens Mandalorian artifacts, so the group traveled to the Tatooine system to find Donvan Hocks Star Destroyer, acquire the objects than cripple the ship hoping to destroy her in the process…

The group arrived in the Tatooine system and found the system over run with Imperials with multiple squadrons of Tie-Fighters with quick flying by Chiana they were able to avoid the Imperials and scan for the Star Destroyer in question which they did not initially find it, until they noticed a trail left by a ship heading outwards towards the edge of the system which is where they found a lone Ship at the edges of space the ship that they figured was what they were looking for. The found it was since there codes worked and allowed them to dock with the ship in an apparently unused Docking bay fifteen floors below and above the two locations they needed., the group made its way apparently Unmolested and Unnoticed the group continuing on hoping that this would continue until their luck continued but still wary, they arrived at the precise location they wanted to release the Mouse Bots when a group of Mercenaries and two Droid Turrets apparently come out of nowhere and attacked the group, The fight was tough but the group was able to defeat them and released the bots.

Afterwards the group again moved upwards to Hocks personal Museum this time they had a few other fights along the way, until they made it to a closed blast door which they were able to slice their way through than found a second door behind which they were slicing through and found themselves in a Museum that was full of everything from Ancient and modern artwork and statuary among many other items from a thousand different worlds. The group spent the next half hour searching the place and found these specific items

Chiana got her Cloak and a Pulse Charger

Dren found quite a bit of Mandalorian artifacts, he finds both Large and Small Statuary, ancient armor of famous Mandalorians, He also finds weapons of Famous Mandalorians… thes weapons include Ancient melee weapons and Blasters of all kinds (all of Mandalorian Make) a few items stand out to you, one is a Hilt of what you figure and what the sign says was the first Ragi Lightwhip/W Mephite Crystal, and in the next case by itself but still in the same section with all the Mandalorian items is an open box, with Writing on it… in what you assume must be a lost ancient dialect of Mandalorian as you can understand one or two different words on it, and inside you find Five separate Items each with a separate rune on it.. Similar to the ones on the Crystal in his dream… beyond that you don’t know.., on the floor you find a shell of a Basilisk droid but nothing inside it.

Sana found a Medical Interface Visor

Ivan found two Lightsaber crystals Illum Crystal (green), Opila crystal

And the group also found a Gungan Energy shield SR 10

It’s at this point the group gets attacked by another group of Mercenaries, a few seconds later, two Trandoshans wielding two wicked looking swords and Donovan Hock wielding a Bowcaster, attacked the group from behind. Most of the Mercenaries have been defeated and one of the Trandoshands have been taken out… That’s when we ended for the night.

Everyone Has 6K XP



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