Star Wars Ghost Squad


The evening began with Both Ivan and Zeb got visions, while most of the group just relaxed or trained. Ivan asked about a person named Corvus Corax, then Zeb wanted to talk with Ivan about his vision, the group than talked with the doctors on the medical transport, than the group went back to the fleet to a hero’s welcome, then escorted directly to their debrief, then Zeb talked about his vision and going back to Taris. Ivan then did research on his vision and found it was in the Braxant sector possible planets where Helska, Belakadan, Ord Janon, Sernpidal. Chiana than contacted the Shadow Broker giving them her information on the Rakghouls for information on Angmar, and the Scientists involved… But has yet to tell the group what she got. The group than asked about Taris, the information
1. The academy was never re-opened
2. The imperials are constantly sending down Extermination squads
3. Taris still does not have a huge population, has a reputation
4. The Academy area is under quarantine since the event, only Imperials
5. More Scientists have been brought in since the event
6. Getting into the tunnels could be interesting as all of them either have been blocked off or have a heavy guard of Novatroopers or Storm Commandos…
The day after the group arrived back at the Fleet there was a Medal Ceremony for the group, and they are now considered of the Rebellion and are now treated as such, in the days following the Ceremony and the group was waiting for Chianas ship to be ready they plotted what they intended to do on Taris, at this point Zeb mentioned a neighbor named Jensen, someone he called a bit of an old coot but was not sure if he was even still alive let alone still on taris. So he decided to go to a neighboring planet to send a video call using a Droid to Jensen, this did not go all that well as the droid made the call, it started to smoke as its components where fried. The group continued to talk about what they intended to do, until they all decided to head to Taris and see what they could find.
Under cloak the group arrived at Taris to find a fairly large Imperial presence there, so staying under cloak they decided to do some aerial recon of the Crater and found that the Imperials had Cordoned off the area, an area much large than the crater itself, with Electro fences cordoning off the areas between what’s left of buildings, the area had two large entrances where they found vehicles going through then two smaller entrances. After they got what they were able to get from the ships cameras they sent down the probe droid to see what else it was able to get. The Probe Droid was able to get closer and found that every two buildings had Troopers stationed on top of them watching the perimeter and that there was a bit of Civilian traffic that the group figured was brining local supplies into the area, food and other stuff. Then the Probe droid let the group know that there where outside imperial patrols patrolling the area. The group then thought about having the Probe Droid try to find them an entrance into the underground tunnels but realized the farther it went away from the Imperial patrolled area the more chances someone might think it odd. So the group decided to find a place to land the ship and have Zeb find them an entrance as he is from the area.
After a bit of searching the group was able to find a large enough cave to hide the ship, and then went on foot. Zeb knowing the area but not having any skill in Survival had to let Kiirto take the lead in traversing the area, using his advice on what to look for the group did eventually find an entrance, but found it to be booby-trapped heavily it was a tad strange, the group did a search of the area and found two cameras which Dren being the engineer he is was able to connect Chiana so she could use her gear to loop the feed while the group figured out their next move. It was at this point that Zeb got a strange vision of a younger man that looked strangely like a young version of Jensen setting the traps, so he had Chiana unloop the footage and without saying anything he took his helmet off and started to wave at the camera. This caused four popup turrets to come out of the ground and aim at him, which made the group remind him that he does not look like himself as his skin was very bug like. With this in mind he spoke direction to the cameras and was able to convince Jensen that he was who he said he was. This caused an elevator to come from the ground as the group all stepped into it hearing it groan as they over weighed the old contraption. The Elevator safely deposited them onto the ground and they were met by Turrets and Jensens face on screens showing them the way. The group walked quite a ways until they came across a rook where Jensen stood and greeted Zeb and the group.
The group had a long conversation with Jensen about the Rakghouls, Zebs change the Cure and the original infection thousands of years ago. He mentioned how at one time there where intelligent Rakghouls that knew how to use the force but where taught by a darksider and had to be put down so the idea of Intelligent versions was not completely surprising, what did surprise him was that they could claw and bite themselves through Ship Plating, which was not part of the original Rakghouls. He then gave the group a bit of information on the Plague itself, how it could be between Fifteen minutes and Forty Five minutes until someone becomes a Rakghoul, and that they emit a Green cloud and explode causing others around them to become infected and that the original cure was a short term fix not a long term one.
He then told the group that he could get them a map of the tunnels but it was not perfect, and not completely accurate as tunnels collapse often. The group Took the map as it was better than nothing, and he lead them to an exit telling them that they needed to find a different exit as he likes the tunnels he was living in and did not want to have to move. The group thanked him and went on their way. The group using the map but with a few false starts they were able to find an unblocked area and followed that rout, this lead them to a large cave where they heard blaster fire, finding an Extermination squad, fighting against what they assumed to be Rakghouls. The group waited until the Extermination squad noticed them then got into the fray.
During the fight the group noticed that every member of the Squad they were fighting had a shield, but they were able to defeat them. In the end Dren was able to take the larger of the two shield but found its crystal was shattered while Zeb took three of the smaller ones both of them in hopes they could fix or use them to create shields of their own.
The group ended with 1,100 XP

The Cure

The evening began with the group having just finished a grueling fight with a bunch of Darktroopers right in front of the Environmental Control office, After some time and a combined effort between Chiana and Dren they were finally able to get through the door only to find that there looks like a massacre had happened as there was blood all over the place all over the keyboards and Monitors and other equipment but they found no bodies only strips of clothing.. It was at this point the group was beset by Rakghouls coming out of the floor and walls, after a tense fight the group did eventually prevail but not before Ivan and Zebulon got infected. Once the fight was complete the group found that the environmental systems where damaged in both the current and previous fights so it took Ivan a bit of time to get everything back in a condition and then jury rig the system to allow the gas to run through the facility. The gas took a good part of an hour to run through the whole facilities environmental system during this point Chiana was monitoring the facilities cameras watching as the gas took hold knocking out the Humans but not seeing a single Rakghoul. Sana spent this time administering aide to those injured, it was at this point that Zebulon started to double over in pain, but eventually regaining as the pain ebbed a bit allowing him to continue on.

The group than started to talk about how they were going to get down to the level with the Rebel prisoners, while Chiana was watching the cameras on each level she noticed that the Darktroopers where able to go through the shields without any issues. Chiana also got into the camera system for the level with the Rebel Prisoners and found that there where an extra fifty prisoners that where not imperials. So with all this information the group decided to check the Darktroopers and found that each one had a chip imbedded that allowed them to go through the shields but they were not able to reprogram them for another floor, this caused the group to argue a bit longer until they decided to head down to the security level in hopes they would be able to take control of the Station. To get to Security they decided to set an ambush for the Darktroopers on that level which unknown to them the troopers where intending to do back, this caused neither side to get an advantage. The fight was difficult but the group eventually prevailed and was able to after some more work get into the security section and full control of the base.

Now that the group had full control the group sent the remaining Troopers off on wild goose chases than eventually spacing them, leaving the station completely under their control. With this control the group remotely docked the Imperial Dragon and transferred the Rebel and other prisoners onboard until the Rebel Medical Ship arrived. Once this was done an argument ensued among the group about what to do with the rest of the unconscious imperials. With Chiana wanting to kill them in cold blood, many plans where talked about but in the end the Ivan and Dren were able to talk Chiana into allowing them to live. So the group decided to put most of the imperial Researchers into Escape Pods and Ships and send them on their merry way, while taking the command staff and the Rakghoul project researchers that where left as Prisoners. While this was all happening Sana took advantage of the time to get cracking onto finding a cure. She was able to cobble a cure together by using five different Imperial Projects into one. The cure took her the rest of that day and most of the next, the only thing that forced her to stop was making sure Zebulon was ok as he doubled over in pain again, only to find out that he was no infected with the Plague but instead had something else she could not identify, as his skin started to harden right in front of her eyes. After this she went back to her research which ended up with Dren volunteering to be its first subject. The Cure itself is not without its drawbacks, as it causes excruciating amounts of pain as your bones are breaking and remaking itself twice within a few minutes, turning you into a Rakghou than back to Humanoid, this is double for an advanced force user because when it was administered to Ivan he had a full on Force quake, which caused a massive wave of force, and caused his hair to go shock white.

At the same time while Sana was creating her cure the group tried to find out what happened with the Rakghouls and found two Cutters missing. This caused some serious concerns within the group, when the group checked the video they found the Rakghouls using modified Sign language to communicate and get off the ship, they also found out that the Ships left about the same time the gas was released. This caused Zeb to go into a full meltdown trying to get the group to find them, when the rest of the group tried to calm him down and tell him that at this point there is no way to track the ships especially since they were long gone into Hyperspace. From what they found that it was a dozen Rakghouls for each ship.

The group also downloaded the research data and since they had the time they looked into some of it and found this information.
1) Information that they have been and intend to continue to splice Rakghoul with other species with various success
2) Trying to Pacify Rakghouls with various methods from Drugs to installing a Chip in the brain
3) Video of them adding cyber modifications to Rakghouls to enhance their lethality
4) Information that Test subjects transferred to a world named Babali (possible Research base)
The evening ended at this point with the group getting enough XP to go up to sixth level.

The Death Station

The evening began right after the fight on the Imperial Sun, the group armed the Prisoners and with their help took over the rest of the ship without much of an effort. Chiana than Sliced into its system and with what he found in the system along with information gleaned from the prisoners and information that Sana remembered they were able to find out this information on both the Imperial Dragon and the system and station that the Dragon was on its way to.

Information Found In the Computer about the Imperial Dragon
1) Carried a Hundred Prisoners
2) Officers and the command staff that did not make it off Hoth
3) Broke off from Imperial Star in the Indellian System and was headed towards the imperial Facility at “The Ring”
Information on “The Ring”
1) Imperial Research Station
2) All Projects are classified
Known compliment
1) Upwards of between 25 and 50 different projects at any one time
2) Between 50 – 100 Scientists On staff
3) Anywhere from Platoon (32 troops) to Company (128 troops) strength of Stormtroopers
4) Standard Complement of functionaries
5) Each Level can be self-contained and locked down if needed
6) Multiple floors can be used for specific Research and connected if needed. And locked down in in blocks or singly
Other Information
1) The Prisoners said that the Imperials took Prisoners away on occasion and they never returned
2) They also let the group know that the Imperials also took Blood and Tissue samples from them as well

The group than let the Imperial Sun and Rogue Squadron to head back to the Fleet while they made their way to The Ring to rescue the rest of the Prisoners. When the group arrives at The Ring, they find Both the Imperial Escort and the Imperial Dragon just floating in space, not displaying any type of activity at all… The escort ship has its full complement of Tie Fighters just sitting there doing nothing, at the same time the Imperial Dragon is just sitting there also, neither ship is giving off any type of signal as if both ships are dead. The only thing that is giving off any type of signal is the Imperial station and that is saying it is on lock down. But no reasons as to why or what happened.

Chiana then did some scans of both ships to find that both had a concentration of life signs but the Dragons where a bit more pronounced. Afterword’s Chiana docked The Shadow with the Imperial Dragon and the group found the Ship on Emergency power, the group continued to make their way towards the bridge, they also noticed bodies of dead Stormtroopers and Imperials lying in the hallways looking like they were attacked with Teeth and Claw, Sana did a more detailed examination of the bodies to find that they were attacked by a Three Clawed hand of Humanoid size. The group then continued its way to the bridge to find 2 of these creatures laying in front of a closed locked door.RahkGhoul.jpg

The group made its way into the bridge to only get shot at by a scared crew member, someone that Sana was able to talk down being ex imperial herself. The Crew Member was able to give the group some more information, that they arrived in the system and where ordered to stay where they were and to transport the Prisoners to the station than they could go on their way. The Imperial Crew Member stated its unusual but it is not something you question, so they followed orders so they transported the Prisoners as ordered and the transports arrived back on the ship, and they lost power and communications all that worked was Emergency power, and then they started to hear screams and blaster fire, so as per orders they locked the door to the bridge, At this point the other Crew Member is yelling at engineering to get power restored. And left them to their devices heading back to The Shadow to decide what to do next.

Once safely back on the Ship Zeb told the group that the creatures where Rakghouls Zombie like creatures that started on the world of Taris Thousands of years ago and that he had a run-in with them, there. that did not give the group confidence but they pressed on, and after a bit of talking along themselves and a confab back with the Fleet they decided they would go into the Station to try to save the Remaining prisoners. So to that end the group tried to find any outside antenna they found none figuring they were all retracted, which they hoped means they would not have any outside imperial interference. Not finding any ways to connect from the outside they decided to get as close as possible with docking and Dren left the ship to create a workaround to get at least a basic idea of what happened.

Once they sliced into the system they got a basic layout of the place and where able to cut their search parameters from thirty floors to five floors to find their lost prisoners, they also found Two Rakghouls just sitting in a hallway doing nothing. Chiana also decide to see what they could find about who brought the creatures here. She was able to access a Single video the rest she needed to get into the system specifically to access. The video showed this.

You see the Imperial Agent speaking seemingly berating the Third Figure. “Hobson, I am seriously upset with your lack of results, Do I need to hire someone else to do the job, As I have given you all the Credits and resources to get the job done and you have failed to do this, how difficult is it to find one lone Mirlilukan it is not like they are common around the galaxy, especially one that lived on Taris”, Hobson “No Sir, I can do the job, It is just this Mirilukan in question is apparently trying to hide out as a human and seems to be successful at it, but.. “As you watch the SIS agent cut him off, No more excuses get find him or else.” At this point the Doctor opens her mouth “Mirilukan? I think it is time for you to give me all the details, I have waited patiently for the rest of this plan of yours.” SIS Agent “My Lady, I did not mean to keep you in the dark, but the fact of the matter is we need this man if our plans are to succeed, we need to find this Zebulon Grell, he has exactly what we need.” As you watch them all stand up, “Hobson, get to work, Doctor Follow me and I will show you.” As the video ends.

At this time the group came up with the idea to create a gas to knock all the organics out and hope to knock the Rakghouls to make their lives easier and rescue the Rebels. Knowing they couldn’t keep a Hundred People on The Shadow until the hospital ship arrived in a few days, they had to find a place, so Chiana checked to see if the Imperials on the Imperial Dragon had followed advice and ejected, the group than landed back onto the Dragon and went directly to Engineering where they were quickly beset by Rakghouls, the group was able to defeat them but not without Dren getting infected. Sana did what she could for the Infection pushing its onset back for a good 24 hours in hopes she could find a vaccine for it before it became critical. Dren then vented the rest of the ship before the group made their way back to the station to take control of the Stations Environmental systems and put their gas plan into place.

The group docked with the station and able to slice their way in, and they made their way through boring hallways, until they made their way to the Environmental controls, they got attacked by a group of Dark Troopers and Turrets, The group after a difficult fight where able to defeat the defenders.

The Session Ended at that point.

The group is at 10,247 xp

Bring Them Home

The evening started with the group still in the fight from last week, after a bit more time the group was eventually able to take down the final few combatants, Once the group completed the fight they did that a bit of checking the bodies and taking what they could, finding that Donovan Hocks body was not among the dead, after a bit more checking they found evidence that he was standing on an elevator that had whisked his body away as soon as he had fallen. The group debated on whether searching further but decided they did not have the time. So the group left setting the Mouse Bots off crippling the ship allowing them to escape.

The group than quickly made their way towards NarShadaa to get the cloak installed and the rest of the stuff sold and checked out. The group stayed on NarShadaa for a Week and a half waiting for items they ordered, at this time Ivan made some inquiries to his Master the Force Ghost about the items he had acquired and to find out what the Swords and those wielding them where.

The information he found was as followed

1) Swords where called Sith War Swords created by using Sith Alchemy, which give the darksiders the ability to tap into the darkside they have accrued.
2) Trandoshans they were fighting where apparently members of an ancient order of Hunters that are trained to fight and kill Jedi and other Force Users, An order that was supposed to have been destroyed ages ago.

He then went on to ask about the Inert Holocron he got and his master did corroborate that it was an ancient Holocron and that if Ivan wanted to activate it he would have to spend a lot of time to connect himself before he will be able to activate it. He has confirmed that the crystals he found where also as advertised but he would have to build new ones to use them.

The group than made their way back to the fleet and met with the General Saber Raine. and he mentioned that they just found out that everyone did not die on Hoth and that the empire has Rebel prisoners, we know they were transported off Hoth to the holding facility at Anoat, and just now being transported to the prison planet Belsavis..

General Raine mentioned that the prisoners were being transported on two ships the Imperial Sun and the Imperial Dragon, and that both ships left the Anoat system but the two ships split off from each other in the Indellian system where the Imperial Sun continued on to Belsavis and the Imperial Dragon left to go elsewhere. . And that the Rebellion was able to continue tracking the Sun and found that they should be making there next scheduled Jump out of Hyper in the Dolla system. And that they wanted the group to rescue the prisoners. On the Imperial Sun than find as much information about where the Dragon was going and rescue those Prisoners. After more questions the group found out that the Sun and Dragon both had an escort of a single Imperial Assault Carrier, information that scared the group but did not deter them after they got confirmation that they would get fighter cover Rogue Squadron to be exact the same Squadron that there friend Ardere Lux had been assigned and given an Xwing as-well (Player is away for a while) so the group continued planning. The information they got about the ships and there cover is as such

Imperial Sun and Imperial Dragon
1) Crew of 12
2) A Dozen Stormtrooper guards (capacity of sixteen)
3) Carry’s between 150 – 200 Prisoners
4) Heavy Armor
5) Quad Lasers Fore and Aft
Imperial Assault Carrier
1) Crew 12 not including Tie Fighter Crews
2) Capability to carry up to 6 Tie Fighters (Between 8 and 12 Crew for the Tie Fighters Including Pilots)
3) 8 – 10 Stormtroopers
4) Proton Torpedoes, Laser Cannon batteries, Quad Laser Cannon Batteries

The group’s final plans induced using Rogue Squadron to deal with the Assault Carrier while they landed onto the Imperial Sun and take it over. As part of that plan the group where able to get their hands on two Ion Torpedoes. But in the end decided to hold onto them for the attack on the Imperial Dragon down the line. So with the plan firmly in place the group requested the proper IFF codes from the Rebellions, Code the Rebellion did not have so they decided to contact their Broker contact and called in the favor they had just acquired, A favor that the contact gladly fulfilled getting them the proper codes and that there were a total of Sixteen Stormtroopers and the rest of the compliment. So the group than went about it and their plan worked flawlessly, getting them on board the Imperial Sun.

The evening ended with the group having just finishing a very tough but successful fight.

Everyone is now at 8,047 XP

Trojan Mouse Bot

The group decided to head to the Tatooine system and enact their plan to acquire Chianas Cloak and Drens Mandalorian artifacts, so the group traveled to the Tatooine system to find Donvan Hocks Star Destroyer, acquire the objects than cripple the ship hoping to destroy her in the process…

The group arrived in the Tatooine system and found the system over run with Imperials with multiple squadrons of Tie-Fighters with quick flying by Chiana they were able to avoid the Imperials and scan for the Star Destroyer in question which they did not initially find it, until they noticed a trail left by a ship heading outwards towards the edge of the system which is where they found a lone Ship at the edges of space the ship that they figured was what they were looking for. The found it was since there codes worked and allowed them to dock with the ship in an apparently unused Docking bay fifteen floors below and above the two locations they needed., the group made its way apparently Unmolested and Unnoticed the group continuing on hoping that this would continue until their luck continued but still wary, they arrived at the precise location they wanted to release the Mouse Bots when a group of Mercenaries and two Droid Turrets apparently come out of nowhere and attacked the group, The fight was tough but the group was able to defeat them and released the bots.

Afterwards the group again moved upwards to Hocks personal Museum this time they had a few other fights along the way, until they made it to a closed blast door which they were able to slice their way through than found a second door behind which they were slicing through and found themselves in a Museum that was full of everything from Ancient and modern artwork and statuary among many other items from a thousand different worlds. The group spent the next half hour searching the place and found these specific items

Chiana got her Cloak and a Pulse Charger

Dren found quite a bit of Mandalorian artifacts, he finds both Large and Small Statuary, ancient armor of famous Mandalorians, He also finds weapons of Famous Mandalorians… thes weapons include Ancient melee weapons and Blasters of all kinds (all of Mandalorian Make) a few items stand out to you, one is a Hilt of what you figure and what the sign says was the first Ragi Lightwhip/W Mephite Crystal, and in the next case by itself but still in the same section with all the Mandalorian items is an open box, with Writing on it… in what you assume must be a lost ancient dialect of Mandalorian as you can understand one or two different words on it, and inside you find Five separate Items each with a separate rune on it.. Similar to the ones on the Crystal in his dream… beyond that you don’t know.., on the floor you find a shell of a Basilisk droid but nothing inside it.

Sana found a Medical Interface Visor

Ivan found two Lightsaber crystals Illum Crystal (green), Opila crystal

And the group also found a Gungan Energy shield SR 10

It’s at this point the group gets attacked by another group of Mercenaries, a few seconds later, two Trandoshans wielding two wicked looking swords and Donovan Hock wielding a Bowcaster, attacked the group from behind. Most of the Mercenaries have been defeated and one of the Trandoshands have been taken out… That’s when we ended for the night.

Everyone Has 6K XP

The Signal

The evening began with the group having just finished up a fight with the last of the Droid guards. The Chiana went to slice the system while the rest of the group started to gather up the items they would be able to transport out physically.
This included
Stuff they intended to sell for later
1) 4 B1 series Battle droids (complete)
2) Parts for possibly 2 more
3) 2 Super Battle droids
4) A single Droidika

At the same time Chiana was able to slice into the computer system and she was able to find this information

Three videos
1) A group of humans re-activating the process
2) A blond wearing an Imperial SIS uniform in command of everyone
3) You also see video of the creation of the droids and multiple ships coming and going at different hours picking Droids up.

2) Plans for something called the Dark Trooper, Four Separate Plans… Four Phases, the Forth includes Human Components.
3) You are able to find out that this was not the origin of the signal but it triangulates too deep in the Jungles of the planet

As chiana finished copying the documents from the system she was contacted by her droid copilot Cy, letting her know that he is detecting telling her he is getting some serious seismic sensor readings coming from right underneath the base, and that they probably should get out of there quickly as they might have at most 15 20 minutes tops. As the ship you see a portion of the moon explode…

the group deliberated on what they decided to do and sent there one remaining Probe droid to Felucia to see what it can find for them, it took some time for this to happen so the group took advantage and got some sleep. During that time Dren got a vision,

Drens Vision
You are standing just inside a dark room, all you see is a gloved hand with a large uncut crystal sitting in its palm. You than start to hear what you assume is chanting but you cannot make out any of its words, But you start to see the crystal taking shape the crystal continues to shape itself until it stops at the shape of a dodecahedron and you also notice a ruddy red glow start to grow deep inside the crystal.
At this point you have lost all concept of time because you continue to stand transfixed by the event unfolding in front of you as you realize you are not in charge of your body as you cannot move your head. You continue to watch as the crystal starts to shave unfamiliar letters into its surface at the same time the glow continues to intensify until you notice the crystal has finished carving itself and the room is now bathed in a crimson glow as the figure turns its head and you can see the figures face for the first time.
As you look at the face bathed in the crimson light you notice that he looks almost identical to you as if you had looked into a mirror, the only difference is that the figure has a scar running from his hairline to his chin as if he had gotten into a fight with a clawed creature that has sliced him with three claws. The figure than opens its mouth and in Mando says “Good you are finally awake, we can finally begin” it’s at this point you wake up.
The next morning the group started to review the information sent back from the probe droid, the information the droid sent back before it was destroyed included

1) Very Aggressive Fauna
2) Very Thick Canopy, Evidence of traffic, mostly foot and beast
3) Sights of previous inhabitance (Small abandoned Villages)
4) Evidence of Imperial Presence, Speeder Bikes, and Evidence of some sort of fighting… No bodies but occasional technology, Chewed Armor
5) Single Entrance into a rock wall

There only plan was to land at the local port, send the ship away and walk the two and a half days towards the door, the group constantly heard creatures all around, including Rancor.. But they did not see any of them. The group walked the partially overgrown path, for the first day, made camp and woke up to them being surrounded by thick fog and trees that seemingly popped up overnight. Within the fog the group four separate forms, three of which with Lightsabers lit, and a Fourth that has the silhouette of someone very familiar to Chiana, “ahh, Chianas’era, it’s been a very long time hasn’t it? And what an interesting group you have gathered, A Jedi Knight… no wait not a Knight, just a pup, A Force sensitive Mandalorian, one with a much bigger destiny than even he knows, a Mirilukan, unusual very unusual especially this one, an ex-Imperial Healer, You really must be truly desperate” A bit of a back and forth happened when he ordered the Lightsaber wielders to attack the group capturing Chiana, the Mirilukan but kill everyone else. A fight ensued, with the group taking a pounding as Kath Hounds showed themselves as the fight ensued. Once the fight ensued the group was able to get their hands on two intact lightsabers (red), and two broken ones.

The rest of the travel was fairly uneventful, they eventually came up to the broken probe droid, which looks like it had been attacked by a Rancor, but salvageable. then they tacked the door itself and was able to Slice and Break their way in only to find a bunch of Stormtroopers as guards which they were easily able to deal with and where able to find out that there weren’t that many troopers there, but enough to make it a bit difficult as they had a few skirmishes here and there dealing with them troopers, as they made their way to the Laboratory’s and had a short fight with a bunch of Phase one and two Dark Troopers, which they were able to defeat not without difficulty as they were still damaged from the last fight., Chiana hacked into the system there but found it empty. The group than made its way to the main computer room at the same time Dren and Zebulon where setting the place up to blow… while the rest of the group was looting the area, Chiana got access to the computer system the cameras and data and was able to find that this is the original location of the signal, and you find a corrupted version of the packet sent, it does not have the final location in it but it does give a few more details… That the plan has begun, it will be ready in time, and everything is happening as it has been foreseen. With a list of projects all in code that is being done around the galaxy… The final goal you don’t know, you don’t even know who it was sent to.

she also find the plans for a new ship, and video of its construction, and an addendum that states Ship has been complete and is ready to be launched.


She than checked the cameras and was able to see as half a dozen crates are transported onto the ship, and three ambulatory cyborgs, and half a dozen Upgraded Super Battle Droids, the good doctor, and a Man with blond hair (cut short) in Imperial Intelligence uniform. Boarding the ship, as the roof opens and the star ship escapes.

The group than leaves heading to Nar Shaddaa to get repairs to sell their stuff, they were able to make around 45k each from the stuff they sold, it was at that point that Augur let Chiana know that he was able to get a name for her but nothing else for her to get her cloak. The man’s name is Donovan Hock, than Chiana contacted the Brokers factor.
The brokers factor gave them the information and stated that if they can take him out it would put them into the Brokers good graces, and a possible personal meeting with the Broker also. The information includes this information, Donovan Owns a Star destroyer. Is currently in the Tatooine system, and has a personal museum and the cloak and some Mandalorian artifacts. The information included that he does loan out his army so maybe at most 30 guys plus his personal guard, the group than starts to talk about it. As she tried to convince the group to do this as well as defeat Donovan Hock and destroy the Star Destroyer. She was eventually successful and the group came up with a few ideas of how to do it, this included creating Trojan Mousebots. Mousebots that are stuffed with explosives, and programed for specific locations and can be set off by radio but with contingencies.

Then the group went back to the fleet and debriefed from there last mission.

Droids everywhere

The evening began with Chiana canvasing the cantina for general information on the signal, most of what she got was junk, but out of that she was able to glean three specific locations.
1) Bloody Torpedo (Omega)
2) The third moon of the 11th planet
3) Felucia

At the same time an incident occurs above you, as you see a humanoid figure get thrown through the windows, slamming into the Signs above the bar as the figure than lands on its back onto the bar itself while an item on his face went the opposite way as you see a female twi’lek figure standing in front of the broken windows looking satisfied and pissed, as she is obviously giving orders. At this time Sana went to check on the Kel’dor while Ivan went looking for his mask, Sana was able to find out that he was still alive but his back and neck where badly broken, at this point they were asked to leave as a group of men removed the Kel’dor. At this point the group decided to take a look at the com center only to find the location fortified with brand new equipment, the group figured going at it from the front would be a bad idea. So Chiana decided to seduce a low level Administrator and get his password and go at it from a different angle. The group waited a few hours while they did some shopping, than Chiana and Kiirto snuck into the administration level and made their way to the guys office and was able to hack in from there taking a few tires and a bit of time Chiaana was able to successfully slice into the Communications system and was able to find out that the signal did not originate from there but was bounced off its communications satellite, from a different location, the annalist figured it came from the 3rd moon of the 11th planet of the system. The group than quickly left the station and went over to the moon, and dropped a probe to do some ground while they did some from the ship. Which was when the group was attacked by Droid Starfighters and Ardere’s A-wing was disabled but recoverable.

It was at that point that the group got contacted back by the probe, that along with the sensor scans that was done of the base they were able to get a layout of the place and two separate floor plans., The group than went through a few different ideas but decided to head through the front door. They sent Dren out to cannibalize some of the droid ships and created a workaround to open the door. The group was able to get through the front door without incident but where beset when they got down to the second level, they defeated the Droids, but not without Dren getting almost killed in the process but surviving barely. Chiana was than able to shut the system down making sure they are not disturbed while there.

Unkown Signals

The evening began with the group still in the middle of the fight in the Imperial Black Site, after a short fight the group was able to defeat the Imperials, and started to release the remaining prisoners while Ivan started to mediate, the elevator than came back down again filled with five more Storm Troopers that the group was able to defeat before they even left the elevator with one well-placed Grenade. Chiana than Sliced into one of the local computers and downloaded a copy of all of the information on the system, than they collected the two bodies of the Cyborgs and looted the bodies than the group left the site, just before the place blew up, the group figuring it was to hide the evidence, the group went to the safe house they had acquired earlier and laid low.

While they were in the safe-house Chiana re-routed the com from his ship to the safe-house and contacted the Rebellion and gave them basic information the Colonel request that they head back to the fleet as soon as possible. It was at this point that Chiana contacted Augur to set up repairs at the cost of the Rebellion who approved some of the repair work. Then she asked about her Cloak and he told her that he will expedite the repairs and have it done in a day. The next day the group leaves but not before they get attacked by two tie fighters and a Tie Interceptor. After a quick fight that had all three ties destroyed and the groups A-Wing seriously damaged, the group where able to get back to the fleet.

Once the group arrived at the fleet they got quickly escorted to the colonel who for the next few hours debriefed them on their mission, than offered them a new one. At that point a Bothan walked in and he was introduced as, Cebrum Grinura, who is going to continue this briefing, as He steps aside, the Bothan Scans the room, looking at the group.

The Bothan than greets the group and Starts his speech and gives them the information as follows.
Greetings, I have to say I was impressed by your work on NarShaddaa, as you were put into a tough situation but succeeded in going beyond your mission and was able to get the aid of the Broker, which I commend you for… But onto business,
He pulls up a Map of the Felucia system, we have gotten Information that there is an Imperial Research base or black site somewhere within the system. We wish for you to check it out, and find out if the base exists, and if it does, enter the base and Either Capture or destroy whatever they have been researching there.

This is the information the Bothan and the group was able to get about the area before they went to Requisition some provisions and equipment.

The System Used to have a Large Imperial Garrison but since the destruction of the Death Star, they have pulled out.
Felucia itself is a Jungle
Native Species Felucian,
Some Feluctians are Force Sensitive but those tend to live deeper into the Jungle and don’t tend to be friendly to outsiders.
Haven for Smugglers, as the place is Rife with Medicines and bio toxins… The Natives are willing to trade them for Modern technology.

The Felucian System
- Trinary Star
- Twelve Planets (a Few Defunct imperial listening posts)
-— Part of the Perlemaian Trade Route
-- Cone War era Separatist bases and Listening posts
At this point Chiana left to speak with one of her contacts, who was not willing to speak on an open comlink, her contact gave her this information. , a Kel’dor named Ik Khan, on the Bloody Torpedo, Ik Khan is the one in charge of Felician system. But beyond that he did not know.

The group than left for the Felucian system, As soon as they entered the system they were immediately Hailed and asked who they were and what they were doing here and a packet of Rules and regulations where sent to her, also with the Docking fee of 300 Credits, which the group paid. Once they arrived they saw that the place was a smugglers haven, along with two Gamorians beating up someone after he was tossed out of the Cantina, which caused a conversation between Chiana and Sana, which is when Ardare and the rest of the group decided to head to the Cantina, which is when a human was physically tossed out of the Cantina landed on top of Ardare. The Drunk in question started to yell imperial, until Chiana bribed him with a credit to leave. Than the group entered the Cantina and Chiana started to ask around about the Signal.

Missing Little Nerf

The Evening began with the group looting the bodies and took 7 Blaster Rifles, 1 Vibroknife, 6 Knives, 7 Comlinks, before they took the unconscious leader the Trandoshan to a location that rents out locations and does not ask questions. the group than woke Trandoshan, after a bit of trying to persuade him that they were fellow gang members with a combination of the force and traditional persuasion and the Force to get him to their way of thinking. The Trandoshan was than willing to answer the group’s questions. The information he gave them was as follows. The name of his boss T’Dosh… who owns the Blood and Guts Cantina, and that Kardaz, was the one that gave T’Dosh the orders. Which is when Chiana put the fear of the group into him and let him go.

The group than went to the blood and Guts Cantina in hopes they could confront T’Dosh for the information he knows, As the group gets closer to the place they are able smell it long before they see the place. The group did a bit or recon before they decided to enter and found two other entrances and a closed building, The Group than made a plan just in case T’Dosh rabbited like they expected to do so only three of the group actually went inside the rest of them stayed outside as guards. Chiana, Dren and Ivan went inside, the group went up to the bar and Chiana Then let the bartender know they were there to see T’Dosh and that they were associates. At that point the bartender went to the back and was back there for a few, it was at this point when Ivan noticed a group of men sitting together at a table subtly shift their hands under the table he figured that they were shifting to weapons just encase something happened, Than he noticed them get up and walk to the back. The bartender comes back at this point looking scared and shaken, Ivan was able to get him to tell them what he saw which was A lot of blood and the bartender with T’Doshs head hanging from the ceiling, than he Threw Up.

Chiana then went into the bathroom changed into a dancers outfit and walked to the door, and was able to persuade the human behind the door to open it and tried to shield her from the carnage beyond, all she could see from the door was A lot of blood, she was able to squeeze past the guy quickly and saw that T’Dosh’s body was ripped a part with blood all over the place and his head literally hanging from the ceiling by his entrails. It was at this point that the group left the place as it was closed down for the day.
The group then went back to the rooms so they could plan their next move it was at this point that Chiana contacted Auger who was able to get them in touch with a Top notch Slicer, who met with them and was able to get them into the pads and box, the group read the pads and looked in the box and found.

Pad 1 has standard information on the Empire, and its day-lie goings on (important information but nothing earth shattering)
Pad 2 has Scarif Stamps, and the stamps of a few other Imperial repositories. (Many imperial secret projects and their basic information)
Pad 3 has full information on a defunct Old Republic secret project (Highly advanced Military Cyborgs)
Box, Contains a few hundred Chits each with a different amount of Credits on them (Untraceable), Plus some hard easily portable Gemstones (worth Varied amounts), and a Strange crystal object…

Once the Slicer Left the Ithrorian contacted Chiana telling her that he had set up a meeting with the Brokers factor, a Kel Dor… Who goes by the name of Zin’tha…? The meeting is set for the next afternoon at The Slippery Slopes Cantina….. The Kel’Dor will be sitting at a table with a Blue Rose on it… he also lets Chiana know that it would probably be better if she speaks to the man alone, or at least with as few people as possible….

While the group was waiting for the meeting the next day Ardere contacted the Rebellion and talked with Zane Chase, about the current mission, and what the money is for, the Colonel told him that the money was intended for the Job in question, and meant to pay for the
Broker and the Hutt, Also that evening while Ivan went into a trance, he got the feeling that there was a serious Dark side presence and expense while he was at the Blood and Guts Cantina.
The next day part of the group went to speak with the Broker, the Meeting went off without a Hitch the only interesting thing was the Jedi felt cut off from the force in this guy’s presence, and did not inquire how or why this was the case. It was at this point that the Broker told the group that yes, the Group in Question did have a meeting with him and that they did have an initial meeting about Four days ago, but exactly what was talked about they cannot say.. but they were supposed to have a second meeting that the group did not show up for it, we were supposed to talk about a deal for future information, but they never showed up for that conversation or for the Down payment on information we had already supplied or will supply in the future., Chiana did conclude the Deal with the Broker and gave him the cut of the credits that was owed due to the negotiations.

The conversation did go towards the other group, and Zin’tha got quiet and got information at that point about who hired the Hit on the current group and those that captured the original group, they found out that it was a Hutt by the name of Gradula, and gave the group the information on the slug, and that the Devronian the original team contacted in hopes to contact Yanuth, did not work for her, but instead worked for this Gradula, who is a small time Hutt who he thinks he is hot shit and wants to topple Yanuth, but does not have the amount of power he thinks and is willing to work with anyone to make this happen, but he is a coward and won’t stick his own neck out to do it, and that apparently he got some sort of funding from an outside unknown source. And that. At this point the Broker went silent again as if he was listening to something, and gave the group the information they needed to go after Gradula, and where he was… he was in the lower levels.

The group went down to the Lower levels and made their way to this Hutt’s Lair, they had a brief combat, with two Massifs and multiple droids, all who blew up shortly after. The group than had a short conversation with the Hutt through a Shield so they couldn’t attack the Hutt, The Hutt gave them the information easily that he was hired by one Alyson Ryncol, Imperial Medial Service, She’s still on the moon and had taken the other Team to the Duros sector beyond that he did not know or care., at This point his chair rose behind the shield, and he got away but not before Chiana attacking the ceiling hoping to find a break in the shield but not finding one. Which caused a shirt conversation on Revenge between Chiana and Ivan. (The group is now Second Level with a total of 1029xp)
With that information in hand, the group set up yet another meeting with Zin’tha… Who was able to give them a bit more information on the Doctor Alyson Ryncol, who was into esoteric research, officially illegal, and worked at a black site, the group deduced that it might have to do with the defunct Military Cyborg project that was on the Third pad. The group than asked if the broker could supply them with Imperial Uniforms and paperwork to get them in the door of the site. Something that Zin’tha agreed to do, a few hours later supplied with the paperwork and Uniforms the group with Chiana as a prisoner went to the black site and was able to make their own down to the third level where they found a lab, with Cells in the back, Four of them full, and two empty, at that point a combat Ensued with Six Storm Troopers, and Two Cyborgs (who were trying to fight what was done with them but failing), The first round of combat ended as the night ended.

So it Begins

The Campaign starts on Hoth, right after the Retreat Signal was called for the Defenders to get to their assigned ships and get off the planet before the Empire closes off all the escape routes off the planet. The majority of the group is running down the hallway in a running battle both sides trading shots but not really hitting at the same time Chiana starts to hear blaster fire right outside the hanger she was assigned, she heads to check it out to find two Stormtroopers and Two fellow rebels on the ground dead, as they Raise their blasters to fire at the newcomer, a large group of rebels (the group) comes running down the hall being chased by Eight more Stormtroopers in the middle of a running gunfight, the Other Pilot Ardere came down another hallway, and Combat Ensued (The group got 286xp each)

Combat Ended with the group standing around implored the group to run and get away as they heard a a large group of booted feet coming down the hallways in there direction. They also heard a large explosion as the Empire has destroyed the large Ion on the base. The Group then Fled into The Shadow a YT 2000 Transport. One altercation happening as Zebulun Tried to bring the Corpse of a Stormtrooper on board but was rebuffed by Chiana, so he ended up with the Troopers Belt instead.

The A wing Pilot (Ardere), and The Shadow took off, and were about to head into hyperspace when an Advanced Ion blast hit The Shadow barely mising the A Wing, shitting The Shadow down for a second Frying and Destroying a few of her systems including her Malgus Era Cloak for a few seconds. before the backups kicked in than they hit into hyperspace only stopping long enough for the A-Wing to attach itself to the The Shadow.. before they went back into Hyperspace on their way to NarShadaa. During this time the group introduced themselves, and The Shadows Captain Chiana started to get an idea of the damage to her ship.

The Group Includes
Chiana — Twi-lec
Zebulon – Miralukan
Ivan — Human
Kiirto — Human
Brother and Sister Ardere and Sana Lux — Human
and Dren - Human
When the group arrived at NarShadaa, Chiana contacted her friend there Augur and arranged for a place for them to land and find out the full extend of the damage and possibly start to effect repairs. Chiana had a meeting with Augur who told her that most of her systems could be repaired given enough time and money. but the Cloak would need to be replaced and that he would do what he can to find a suitable replacement but it will take time. it was at this time that Chiana would get a video com from the Alliance wishing to speak to bot her and thoes with her.

The group gathered and a Human (George Clooney) in the uniform of a Colonel in the Intelligence branch, he introduced humself as Colonel Zan Kase head of intelligence, giving the group the lowdown taht they had lost contact with a group of operatives on NarShadaa and that the last time they where contacted was Four days ago, and that since the group was already on NarShadaa could they find them. Chiana requested payment for the job and Zane told her that something could be worked out.. and She agreed. The information that the Colonel told the group was as such that the group got rooms at a Hotel in the Nikto Sector, and than where going to be an Office on the Promenade, thant they where going to contact two individuals, he also gave them the code phrase as well, He also gave them a rundown of what they where on NarShadaa for they where there to open up new lines of Information and ways to Get goods under the noses of the Empire.

Hutt: Yantuh: Crime Lord, Powerful and Ruthless… Controls half the population
Chiana also found out that there is a Devronian that runs a Cantina in the Redlight District that they could get a meeting with her

Zin’tha Information broker, Sell to anyone (No one has seen his face but he has factors everywhere)

After the meeting the group got rooms at a local establishment that chiana uses herself and they decided to go check out the Hotel the group stayed in. She was able to persuade Hotel Manager to give them the room number of the Operatives, but he was not able to give them the key as he did not have one. The group was able to pick the Mechanical lock and get into the room, finding a fairly standard Suite of rooms, a central room with 4 rooms off it. after a little searching they found that all the rooms where ransacked but everything was put away with a few differences barely noticeable. The group also noticed a computer which Chiana was able to Slice into and find out that some of the video was tampered with and removed. IT was at this point that Ardere noticed a picture that looked like it could be moved and was able to figure out the proper sequence to open it, behind it he found again a Mechanical Safe, they where able to unlock the safe as they found Three Highly Encrypted Data Pads, and a Highly Encrypted box, with items that shifted when they moved it. It was at this time that Chiana was able to fix some of the images and saw two individuals a Human and a Devronian walk into the room using a Key to get in.. the Human was carrying an Item that looked like a Briefcase. and the next video showed then leave about Three Hours later.

The rest of the group noticed more Cameras than should be there and two groups of Gamorians one of which guarding a doorway, and the other two Gamorians reading or supposed to be reading something while watching them.

Chiana was finally able to get in to speak with the Mobster an Ithorian in a good suit, she was able to make a deal with him for the sensor information of the Advanced Ion that hit her ship, for a meeting with one of The Brokers factors. because he told her that the two gentlemen worked for the Broker.

Ivan did a Use the force check to check other Force Users, and detected Zebulon but no one else…..

The group then left the Hotel and was ambushed by Black Sun Thugs lead by a Trandoshan.. the Group was able to defeat them Killing or Disabling them. (The Group Got 400xp per)


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